The Difference We Make~By Gabby Angel

I was picking up up some groceries in one of our local grocery stores. Slightly distracted, I didn’t catch on that a lady had said hello to me. Well, being never one to hurt someone’s feelings I said hello. Of course apologizing like crazy for not noticing her for a moment. It was a friend of my Mom’s and I hadn’t seen her for a couple years. Right away she knew I was a “One of the twins”…which is always nice. Sometimes Autumn and I shop together, sometimes alone. Well, I had a nice chat with this friends of Mom’s and was happy I had run into her.

A few things she did touch on were so kind. It made me realize that together or separate Autumn and I do bring a smile. In this day and age that’s a good feeling. Even in our small town area, not everyone is kind or nice which is kind of quite sad actually. This nice lady remarked on us both always being good listeners, so nice and also having kind word and real smiles and caring. We also had a little chat about how much fun it was back when Autumn and I co-managed a smalll store together.

That got me thinking and I had to mention it to Autumn, I was leaving the grocery and heading to her house actually. So, the thought was fresh in my mind. We did some remininscing about those days at our little store, Autumn and I…it was nice remembering those good times. What a blessing it was to work together and also the massive amounts of people we got to know. We were both living about 25 miles from our little home town, both married.

The store was on a popular plaza and visited from many miles around, so it wasn’t uncommon to see people from our hometown. At one time the owner had mentioned what “a draw” we were being twins and of course so friendly, generally people loving. We were both a bit insulted, but what were’nt we going to say…”we aren’t a freak show here”. One of the twinnies made that remark, after the owner had departed of course. I won’t say which one of us said it, I will leave that hanging…you all can guess! 😉 It’s something we take for granted maybe, the being twins I mean. Autumn and I are used to it, we’ve been twinnies our whole lives! 🙂 It really isn’t our little store I’m dwelling on here, by the way. The whole thing is about not realizing that Autumn and I do draw people in…Of course because we’re twins. But also because we are honestly caring, thoughtful human beings and we do listen and care what others have to say.

If people are sad, we try to make them smile and somehow uplift their spirits. I guess the chat with Mom’s friend and then later when Autumn and I were discussing this, had me asking her  something. “Did you really realize part of the reason we were put on this Earth? To make a difference in so many different ways, but one of them to connect with people in a good way?” We talked on between us about how it was nice to spread poistive vibes with us, either together or alone.

It’s so true and something everyone should ponder on…Do you make people happy when they see you? Or do you make them happier when they see you walking away, relieved to have the conversation over? It’s a thought everyone should really take a minute and ask themselves! Do it today…It’s never too late to change! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Difference We Make~By Gabby Angel

  1. This is wonderful! Not only is it a lovely post, sharing of your kindness for others, but it is so profound at the end…do you make people happy when they see you? Or are they happier when they see you walking away? It really makes me think and I hope people are happy when they see me! 🙂 This also runs parallel with my poem “Rewarding.” Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am glad you like this one and it does run parallel to your poem “Rewarding”! Great minds are thinking alike, it seems. 🙂 Don’t worry Lauren, I know people are happy when they see you. You are very kind and thoughtful, very welcoming, too. I believe you are much like Autumn and me, we all send out good vibes! 🙂

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