The Twins Ruffle Some Feathers~BY Gabby Angel

Another fun memory of the twinnies 🙂 I was reading something and noticed a petting zoo advertised  just the other day. That really brought this memory to mind. Some of our adventure and stunts really were quite innocent … But ended up causing us big trouble. This happens to be one of them … Hang on everyone for we are off to the petting zoo 🙂

It was exciting, we were gearing up for a day trip to a petting zoo maybe 50-60 miles away. Autumn and I were about 9 yrs. old, the oldest girls and also the most responsible. 😉 We started out early in the morning, everyone happy and geared up for a fun time. It was just us twinnies and two sisters, Mom and Dad just knew they could handle this one…or so they thought. 🙂 We all were settled in the car, a station wagon of course and singing and doing some chatting on the way…everything going well. Oh yeah, except for several are we there yets and how much longer, and when will we be there ? Finally, we arrived at the petting zoo! We saw so many different animals, got to pet and feed them, pose for pictures with some…Which of course Autumn and I loved, we were a bit of the divas back then when it came to pictures. We especially loved the baby lambs who were soft and made cute sounds.

There was a lot to see and take in…Behaving pretty good so far. OK, well except for a bit of showing off to some of the other visitors who were intrigued by the “twin concept”…Giving us compliments and also Mom and Dad. We were little hams and a tiny bit show offy. Oh my, but I do make us sound vain which we weren’t…we just reveled in the admiration. 😉 It was really only a little dancing about and a few bars of our favorite song…Well, Dad got us calmed right down with “the look” and his promise of some singing on the ride back home.

We finally came to upon our most anticipated animal … The peacocks! The beautiful colors of the male’s feathers caught our eyes and both Autumn and I thought there was something special and magical about the peacocks. We were allowed to give them food, but no petting because they didn’t like that. One minute everything was fine and the next a small ruckus broke out … The twinnies thought it was OK to pick up some feathers from the ground and the peacocks thought not! They just turned on us…Weren’t they are friends? The sounds they were making, the feathers getting ruffled just scared us silly. A few more guides and helpers rolled in to calm things down…The look on Mom and Dad’s faces, we were going to be in some big trouble!

Crying because no feathers were collected and upset at the rumble of it all, the little sisters were pretty good kind of looking at Autumn and I in surprise and maybe disgust perhaps. We were nicely 😉 asked to please move along to the last exhibit, alas with still some sniffling over peacocks gone wild and No Feathers!

Last exhibit was the ponies, we got to pet them and have a little ride…giving Mom and Dad a short break. 😉  It was fun, more pictures, more posing and off to the car to head back home! Autumn and I were only given a short lecture, what a relief because Mom and Dad understood sometimes peacocks really can get excitable after all.

The little sisters fell asleep in the car…Autumn and I were chatting and singing softly with Dad, before we knew our house appeared and another adventure over! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Twins Ruffle Some Feathers~BY Gabby Angel

    • I had to laugh about you trying to get peacock feather, too. The things we do when we are young, right? 🙂 Your blog is just awesome, by the way…My twin sister Autumn and I both love it. 🙂

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