Trick or Treat Twins~By Gabby Angel

This adventure features the twinnies and again the neighbor boys. Trick or Treating done on October 31st , Halloween here in the US, what fun! I know the day also means other things. Bear with me please, this involves costumes and all with Tim and Alex joining us. They have been featured with Autumn and I on several adventures now. As they were involved in many of our “twin memories”, this one too is begging to be written. Please read on, I think you will get a few smiles! Autumn and I had been planning our costumes for weeks. This one is at 6-7 years old, closer to 7 because our birthday is in January.

Back to the story, sorry but my mind gets ahead of me at times 😉 I wanted to be a princess, Autumn just begging to be Tinkerbell, seriously. No, we didn’t want to dress in similar costumes this time. As always, Autumn saying she knew Tinkerbell had blond hair. And no, she wasn’t asking Mom to go blond! 😉 Tim was going to be a pirate, Captain Hook he said since his buddy Autumn was going as Tinkerbell. I confess I did plead my case to Alex to be Prince Charming, to match my princess get-up. No way, he was being a cowboy…John Wayne, was one of his heroes at the time.

Halloween night rolls around and we all meet up with our Moms (Lucky them!) 😉 They walked with us around our neighborhood as went door to door, to what amounts to asking for candy and treats. Small town, traditions and all the kids were doing it…Also so very safe back then. We all were behaving fairly well. Autumn and Tim were teasing and pushing each other, but that was fairly normal for those two. I must say Autumn not pleased when Tim hooked his Capt. Hook “hook “in her fancy hair up-do! 🙂 The Moms got them settled down and on we went smiling, laughing and collecting so many treats!

Last block and no major mishaps, the Mom probably wanted to do a Happy Dance! Next house Mrs B she answered with a smile, opening the door. Oops, luck ran out..Autumn and Tim spotted her cat beside her and reached to pet her. Yikes poor Patches liked us all, but wasn’t in the mood to be petted. Off she went out the front door and up a tree! Patches was an inside cat but thankfully still had claws to climb and climb she did! Way, way up she climbed in the maple tree..Mrs. B. was very upset! She fetched nice Mr B. who got a ladder and coaxed Patches down close enough to reach her. Yay!! Mr. B. saved the day and all adults smiling now. The Moms hurried us away after good byes to Mr and Mrs B.

A lecture for Autumn and Tim, who had the nerve to start whining “We didn’t get treats from Mrs. B.” That ended our night of trick or tricking, no more houses were visited and we all retreated to our separate homes. The Moms no doubt to get some headache remedy or perhaps a small glass of wine! 😉 Halloween and trick or treating over for the year with one small mishap! 😉 Not really, it had caused plenty of commotion and attention to other parents and Trick or Treating kids. Not to mention poor Patches and Mrs B. She forgave of course, but Autumn and Tim’s stunt “haunted” them for months. 😉 It was talked about by many adult neighbors and kids as well…What a pair those two could be!  Hope you enjoyed this one and see you all soon! 🙂


Sing to me … ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Sing to me

I love to be

listening to your guitar weep


me away…

I will stay

day after day

lost in love

stars above

white doves

happy smiles

endless miles

My Forever man

you can

take my hand

and walk in the sunshine…

with me

we’re free

let’s be

and see

only the love


just sing to me awhile

with your rocking style

I could look into your eyes