In the Shape of a Heart ~by Gabby Angel

I had listenend to my Jackson Browne CD, just the other day “The Best of Jackson Browne”. Many good songs on that CD, but one song stuck in my mind. Not because of the lyrics exactly, but more the tune and the title of the song. It’s called “In the Shape of a Heart”, the song kept coming back to me more than a few times. Then, an idea struck me! How many things do I own personally In the shape of a heart?

Surely I am not the only one who likes things shaped like a heart, of course not. I believe the most popular jewerly design is the heart and the cross. Right now we are talking hearts though. Although I do own a lot of cross earrings…Back to hearts, I can distract myself quite easily when thinking of earrings. At any rate, hearts and some of the odd, quirky or unusual things in the shape of a heart that I own? Then all of you can think about what objects you own in the shape of a heart, too.

We ladies are drawn to the heart shaped objects, because it symbolizies love aren’t we? Or perhaps because it makes us think of our own heart, if it’s an open and loving one specifically. Looking around here are some examples of objects I own “In the shape of a heart”. One of my personal favorites a real heart shaped flat rock, Dad found years ago. I do treasure that one, made by nature and found by my Dad. The next about a dozen craft type hearts: wooden, wicker,  hammered bronze and glass. A cute little tiny green colored clock in a heart shape, another clock of a kitty with a heart where the hands of the clock are located. A silver little heart shaped jewelry box, a cute little ceramic box, in the shape of a heart. A couple suncatchers hanging on my windows are very unusual and heart shaped. Several sets of windchimes, too and I do love the sound of those, who doesn’t? A wooden shelf with heart cutouts, it a fairly large one and angels adorn that particular shelf. That’s a whole other blog, those angels. Several heart shaped picture frames, can’t forget those.

Too many, and I do mean many, many earrings that feature a heart in some fashion. Just some examples of some of my assortment of heart shaped things. Oh my, to think a song started this blog…Jackson Browne I must salute you! Give the song a listen if you get a chance, he really is an awesome singer. If you listen to it please let me know if it kind of gets stuck in your head, won’t you? I would also be rather interested how many of you upon reading this were prompted to count your heart shaped objects, too.

I must now end this blog, I am off to take a count over at Autumn’s house. I wonder how many objects I can find of hers in “The Shape of a Heart”?