The Twins Love Camping by Gabby Angel

This business of camping, we were born into a family with Mom and Dad both loving the outdoors and the mountains. Our first camping trip would have been maybe at 5 months old! Obviously neither Autumn or I would have memories of that. We were so blessed to have a family owned cabin in the mountains, it was so beautiful set in a breath taking setting.

All our lives both Autumn and I have always been most serene, calm and completely at peace in those mind blowing mountains. It’s where you find yourself able to think, meditate and at times find answers to problems. Anway, the trip in particular I am going to tell you about the twinnies are about 8 years old. This trip was set for the whole entire weekend, it was going to be so much fun. It was going to be Mom, Dad and the twins along with 2 little sisters.

Dad was taking off early Friday and we took off about noon with Autumn and I dancing about with excitment. We helped Mom pack the car and ready to roll when Dad got home we were! Off we went with and within one half hour we saw the cabin in sight, yay we were here! Autumn and I helped put clothes, food and things away because we loved to help. 🙂 We would first have a little picnic because everything tastes much better outdoors.

Dad got to grilling and Mom got salads and things ready, happily eating because after that a hike to the little creek just a short walk away. Which was best because each parent had ahold of a little sisters hand, but keeping their eyes on Autumn and I. Stopping to pick some wildflowers, those little sisters picked more stems and grass blades than flowers.  We thought we had taught them better than that! On to the creek where we happily played in the water, skipped some stones with Dad and just had a good old time. Autumn who had gotten a little too spunky took a tumble in the creek, I followed trying to grab hold of her. It wasn’t deep but we carried on because we had scared our little selves. Dad hauled us out of the creek and as it was a nice sunny warm day our shorts and tops dried quickly. Small lecture for us again, even though we knew about water safety an how this was not a planned swimming aventure. Autumn and I nodded our heads solemnly and were back to the edge of the creek with Dad trying to catch minnows.

Never, ever a dull moment with the two of us and how embarassing the little sisters were being good. Soon we headed back to the cabin and played some outside collecting little stones because we found them fascinating for some odd reason. We entertained ourselves while Dad snoozed in the hammock and Mom lounged on a blanket with the little sisters. Before we knew it time for supper and after that time for bed. Mom and Dad got some alone time to chill out and relax on the enclosed porch. All of a sudden a big racket, what was happening? Autumn and I woke up, the little sisters woke up and Mom came in to settle us all down. It was a pair of racoons that had showed up, tipping over the garbage can and whatever other mischief they could find! They are very curious creatures after all and we had been told that often. Dad scared them away and took the garbage can and locked in the shed. Sadly for Autumn and I we had missed them and were sure they just might return the next night. We all fell asleep soon after the racoon adventure, with another fun day to look forward to!

Dad went off fishing downstream and we all played in the water, this time we didn’t miss the next animal excitement. Way down close to where Dad was, we saw a big old bear running away as fast as it could over the bank heading away from Dad! It shook us all up a bit, but Mom and Dad herded us off back to the cabin, not quite sure what the bear was up to. How cool in a strange way to see a bear and thankfully running way, not towards us. Something that sticks with me to this day, happy we saw it but glad it didn’t come close to check us out!

The rest of the weeked uneventful with the animal scene, but fun and before we knew it we were packing up to come home! Another camping trip over , but many followed this one and no, we never did see another bear!


Better than best~by Autumn Sunshine

Being better than best

is merely a test

along with the rest

We can try

and defy

even deny

Better is work, as we all know

so we still will show

and grow

Just don’t give up or give in

If you want to win

it’s all within

Don’t let go of your goal…

Just remember the vibes you send

the hurts you mend

Is in the end

What matters most…