GPS and Still Lost.. ~ By Gabby Angel

It can’t be, how are we lost? These new GPS systems are amazing…Except when being used by certain twinnies.

Being excited to go see Bucky Covington in concert three hours away, Autumn and I thought we were all set with my GPS. As embarassing as it is to admit, Autumn and I are very directionally challenged. But we had a GPS, as I just noted…Guess what? We still got lost for a a good 30 -40 minutes, would we make this concert? We simply had to Bucky is one of Autumn’s favorite musicians and I also enjoyed him, it was pretty cool his twin brother Rocky is the drummer in his band. The Covington Brothers are also identical twins, same as Autumn and me.  Having seen them before in concert and gotten to meet them just a few months before, we were anxious to catch this one, too.

The difference, the GPS was fine the first time around. Besides we had been only traveling about an hour or so away, toward familiar territory. We had ourselves convinced this trip would be very different. Autumn and I would have smooth sailing all the way…we set out a couple hours earlier than necessary.This time around she was doing the driving.Is it really possible for us both to not follow correctly the GPS voice who’s directing us? Apparently so, because we sure made a couple wrong turns. I was arguing with the, by now, irritating voice coming out of this system. Yes, I know these voices don’t answer back or do they get bothered if you’re upset.

Poor Autumn pulled over at one point reading the written text directions. I had been repeating the exit number to her as relayed by the GPS voice, as she was concentrating on driving and traffic was pretty bad. Darn, how did I transpose the number or what exactly? OK, clearly that one was my fault and no blaming it on the GPS voice. We switched to me driving by now, Autumn getting a bit edgy and we were only maybe 45 minutes away with time to spare, I think. I got us back on track… I could do this! She repeated our last road to take and we were being told by the evil GPS we were being redirected. For real, some little road closed and we had to be re- routed because of a detour…We finally saw the fairgrounds in site! Oh my, this was stressful…We had to find parking, get our meet and greet passes. Then we had to get ourselves to the spot the concert was, we had some moving quickly to do!

We made it…I had a few minutes to check Autumn’s makeup and hair, then she checked mine. OK, all was fine…It was our turn to meet up with those Covington Brothers. They rembered us of course, so hugs and pictures all the way around, with some good chatting being done by us all. The security guys are also twin brothers, for real they are…They were kind but our time was up, we had actually gotten quite a bit extra time. Three sets of twins in the same place at the same time was interesting, fun and awfully exciting. Autumn shared one last hug with Bucky, then I had to give her a nudge to get moving to our front row seats.

The concert started shortly after that, it was awesome and what a rocking time we had. We yelled back and forth with the brothers, front row seats are great for this! The concert was over far too soon. We were back on the road and heading home before we knew it.

Did we get lost on the way home? Let’s just leave that one for everyone to ponder. 😉


10 thoughts on “GPS and Still Lost.. ~ By Gabby Angel

  1. I am solely disappointed with this story. I had high hopes and expectations in the reliability of a GPS system. I get lost all the time as I am directionally challenged as well. Very soon I will be the owner of a new smart phone with a navigational app. I was seriously thinking it would save me from ending up in undesirable areas of town or out in the boondocks. Maybe not?

    On another note….those twin brothers are hot!

  2. The GPS system is wonderful, very helpful, quite reliable. It’s Autumn and I using one is the problem sometimes. The much anticipated concert and wanting to get there probably made it more stressful for us. I think the GPS will be good for you, honestly…Unless you are racing off to a Bucky Covington concert! 😉 Those brothers sure are hot, I agree and very musically gifted, too! 🙂

    • It really isn’t the GPS’s fault, it’s clearly just us twinnie,right? We were just freaking out to get to the concert, is all! 😉 I know, Bucky and Rocky are hot. Can’t wait until the next concert, how about it?! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

    • Thanks for reading this post Brooke. I have to say, the GPS is pretty good in most circumstances…Just not when you are on the way to a special concert! 😉 I had to smile at how it’s saved your marriage while on vacation! 🙂

  3. This is too funny and it’s good you both get along so well! We don’t own a GPS; still rely on maps and mapquest! Although, I do better with words and my husband loves maps! Anyway, that’s awesome about meeting Bucky and his brother! I don’t know of him, too well, but believe he’s country. We love country music and my daughter especially loves Faith and Tim, whom we’ve seen in concert (didn’t meet them though). Anyway, I also assume you made it home with no trouble! 🙂

    • It is funny looking back on this adventure. 🙂 You are right, it is a good thing Autumn and I get alone so well. It was the third or fourth time we had met Bucky and his brother. Very awesome, they are so down to earth and nice guys. The GPS was probably not at fault, it was us twinnies all in a rush to get to the concert! Bucky is under the country label, he really is very talented. We found him on American Idol maybe 5-6 years ago. Autumn and I both love so many different types of music. Your daughter has good taste, Faith and Tim are rocking, too. Lol, we did make it home OK Lauren, only one wrong turn! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this. 🙂 I am sorry you get lost easily, too because it’s so frustrating! A GPS does really help somewhat. It was just us twins rushing to get to this concert, that even the GPS was failing us. We had a great time though, it was all worth it. 🙂

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