Everything ~ by Autumn Sunshine

You are everything I ever wanted to find

A man with a heart and soul, so kind

one who doesn’t talk a line

You are the the dream I really found

It’s truly so profound

my love for you just abounds…

I used to try with all my might

and ponder on many sleepless nights

I am finally safe in your arms

never again will I be harmed

A love so strong, is never wrong

with you I am right where I belong

I know it’s so right,

I saw the light

I give you my heart

a brand new start

we will never be apart

Walk with me and hold my hand

I’m waiting for our wedding bands

blessed with silver words of love

the stars are shining up above

I look at you and smile

we have been through many, many miles

but here we are today

we have everything…


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