My Husband Dave…His Memory Lives On~Written by Gabby

Autumn has encouraged me to write this and share the story of my husband Dave. So I am taking her advice and writing about my wonderful husband. This has needed writing for quite some time, honestly. Dave’s memory will live on, I will make sure it does. Dave has so very much been on my mind, more than the usual I mean.
 About my husband, Dave was and will forever be my soulmate. My sweet Dave, and my once in a lifetime love. Sadly, I lost him to cancer eight years ago on May 30th of this year. To me it seems more like eight minutes ago most of the time . They say time heals, but I’m sorry they are wrong because it doesn’t.
Does anyone have the perfect love story? Probably not, because none of us as human being are perfect. I would just have to say ours was as perfect as it gets … For me, anyway.
The Diagnosis 
Dave was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) on June 3rd of 1998, the day that started changing my entire world forever.  If anyone is following the blogs here, then you may heard Autumn and I speaking about our Dad, also who passed away from Multiple Myeloma.  It’s not a made up story, it’s real…They passed away exactly 40 days apart from this same evil cancer. Dad being the 40 days after Dave. I also miss my Dad every day of my life, this cancer robbed me of the two most important men in my life. I don’t think Dad would mind if I center the rest of this post on Dave, he is no doubt giving me a thumbs up as I write.
Well, Dave was so incredibly strong and a very special man in so many ways. He walked into my life when we were both rather young, and he never left. Dave was an educator, a carpenter, a musician…All in one package. His sense of humor was amazing, we laughed quite a lot and often.We brought out the very best in each other, we were just simply meant to be. The musical part of him, well that was just plain magic… A real God given talent.
 Dave had a wonderful voice… He so often sang to me, sometimes I would fall asleep to the sound of his voice. He played drums, guitar and piano. While in bands he was always the drummer, he just was outstanding.
We both shared this love of music so very much. Dave also was the bringer of surprises, sometimes wild flowers, chocolate and other assorted things…Just because. We didn’t limit our gifts to each other for only birthdays (which were only 5 days apart) and holidays. He used to joke about being very old people and still having a blast and rocking it out. Also, he had conjured up a story of how we could exit this life in the same instant. That way neither of us would ever suffer without the other one, we were just too joined that way. Too bad that story didn’t go as planned.
Dave was a romantic, to the very core. To the outside world he just appeared a very happy guy who loved his wife and was clearly loved in return. Dave called me his angel, well I thought he was mine. He had such a gift for making every day we shared an adventure, he really did. One of the last memories of us while Dave was still healthy…Romping around a large amusement park. It was so much fun, we acted like young kids and just lived that day to the fullest. I’m sure we also made tons of people look twice, wondering who were these two crazy people? Racing from ride to ride and laughing loud and long. So many, many memories and that is my blessing because most of them are happy.
Love that transcends time
When he was diagnosed, we joined forces to beat this evil beast and kept fighting hard. Yet, we lost. And I continue going on… because I promised Dave I would. I am not saying it’s easy, I would clearly be lying if I said that. In speaking with Dave’s cousin Emily, she said something quite profound. Her words to me “You and Dave just had and still have such a love, it transcends time.” I think she’s right, we had pure magic together and so much love.
 Each and every day is a challenge, but time goes by very quickly and I will meet up with Dave on the other side. For those of you blessed to have found love, hold on tightly and treat it kindly, please.
Oh, I almost forgot…If you see a star shining very brightly in the sky? Well, that would be Dave.

14 thoughts on “My Husband Dave…His Memory Lives On~Written by Gabby

  1. Your husband sounds like he was an amazing man! I’m so sorry. My mother has Multiple Myeloma cancer. At this time she is slowly coming out of remission after stem cell transplant and chemo.

    I’m having a moment of thinking to myself, Although not very religious, I don’t believe it was an accident you came across my blog. I think maybe you were meant to. Your father and your husband died of the very same cancer my mother has. I have yet to meet anyone who has experienced this kind of cancer Now I have. I am thankful for coming to your blog and I will be back. And I’m just going to say it no matter how cheesy it sounds. Today I feel a little bit less alone because you showed up sharing your story. Thank you! I look forward to getting to know you more!

    • Nothing is an accident in my humble opinion Lisa. You were meant to read this one, it can be a real alone feeling when going through all this. My twin sister Autumn and I both felt very strongly about getting this one published, now we know why. I am just so sorry to hear about your Mom having multiple myeloma, I will keep her in my prayers. Also, any way we connect and I can help you I would be happy to. It’s something that still breaks my heart, every time I hear of someone else having this.same cancer. My husband Dave was such a wonderful man, so was my Dad and losing them both in the same way wasn’t easy. They have come such a long way in the research, please hold on to that. I don’t think you sounded cheesy, you were speaking from your heart Lisa. We will be keeping in touch, I just know it and please do remember you aren’t alone. Be there for your Mother and also please take time and take care of yourself, too. Hugs to you, Gabby

  2. This almost made me cry. It’s so beautiful. It really sounds like he was right… you were his angel through his life. & now, he is yours. As I’m sure he was also when he was alive, but even more so now. This is really touching & inspiring. Sounds like he got to live a very happy & fulfilled life. Some people may live 110 years & never live as much as it sounds like you two did. In the words of George Strait, “Life is not the breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away”. I’ll pray for you. God Bless.

    • Thank you so much for reading this post. Your kind words mean a lot to me, I am glad you found this both touching and inspiring. Dave and I were blessed with the years we had together, we sure did a lot of living and loving. Being his angel was easy, I am thankful he was mine and still is. Thanks for your prayers and God Bless you, too.

  3. Since I was there when all this was happening I know how it was. A very sad time . Gabs, this is so well written. I have no doubts that Dave and Dad are watching over us. Dave was a good brother, he is around 🙂 I have never doubted that, and you are and always were his angel, You two together were lots of fun and that is for sure. Many smiles. Love to you twinnie always! TF ❤ = Twins Forever!

    • Dad and Dave are both watching I just know it. 🙂 It was a sad, unreal time for sure, first Dave gets diagnosed and two years later Dad. Thanks for being there for Dave and me both, he always was a brother to you. I am happy for the smiles and laughter and all the good times. Still missing them both though, every day. Love you, too twinnie! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  4. Thanks for sharing your story of Dave. How wonderful to have a love like that. I think it is great that in his honor you will continue going on and doing well in your life. I am sorry for your loss of your dad and Dave to cancer. I do pray one day they find a cure for it. Keep taking good care. Sincerely, Connie Webb PS Thanks for the “like” on my story of “Nursery Rhymes and Fear”.

    • Thanks for reading this Connie. Your kind and thoughtful words mean so much to me. I really do miss both my Dad and Dave, but I did promise to keep going on. Dave was the best husband, I was very blessed to have the years with him. I, too pray they find a cure! Your Nursery Rhymes and Fear was so funny, it made me laugh so much. Very well written, I will be back to visit for sure. 🙂

  5. Gabby…my heart goes out to you. A wonderful story…about you and Dave.And yes…I’ve come to the same realization, that time won’t heal this wound. It becomes part of us for the rest of our lives…but with the grace of God…we learn to live with it. And, as a friend brought to mind recently…we’ll see them again soon…”in the light of a thousand suns”.

    • Thank you for your kind words Jim, and also taking the time to read this. I still miss Dave so much everyday, but I promised him I would keep going on. You are so very right, we do learn to live with this wound. The fact that we will see them someday soon does help, doesn’t it?

  6. Gabby, this is such a beautiful story and tribute to your husband (I’m crying) who sounded like a wonderful, wonderful man. I’m so sorry you lost him too early in life. There’s nothing else to say,except hold onto your memories and love with and for him…as I think I’ve told you, we’ve lost many friends and loved ones to cancer and it’s so frustrating…Your Dad also sounded like a wonderful Father…thanks for sharing your story~

    • Lauren, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Thank you for all the beautiful words, Dave was just the most wonderful man and such an amazing husband. I do hold on to our memories and love, I always will. Dad, he was the best ever, too and Autumn and I were blessed to have him for our Father. You have lost so many friends and loved ones to cancer, too I know. It gets very frustrating and we can only pray they find a cure!

  7. Such a beaitiful and heartbreaking post. Im sorry for your lost. You bn thru so much and if I had never seen this post I would never knew how strong a woman you r. Thank you for sharing and I know it wasnt easy. God Bless U:)

    • Thank you for reading this one, Dave and I had quite the love story. He was the best husband ever, I was so blessed. Thank you also for your kind words, PJ…Sometimes I wonder how strong I am! It was a bit difficult writing this one, but I did need to share. God Bless you, too and please take care!

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