Did You All Set Your Clocks Back? By Gabby Angel

Here we are again, time to Fall Back! Did you all get your clocks set back? Well, I did and what a fun chore that is…So many clocks to deal with. It is one of my quirky habits, I love clocks and watches…But when the time change occurs? Then, I meander through my house setting them forward or backwards. In this case it was backward, I should have timed myself to  see how long it really took me. It did seem to go on for so long, but it was an adventure of sorts.

I used to have a hard time with remembering…Is it Fall Back or Spring Ahead? Or vice a versa, that little rhyme could be confusing, is anyone with me?  I wrote a post awhile back “Time is a Four Letter Word”, I don’t know how many of you read it. I seriously do love all my many clocks and watches, I still haven’t figured out my “time infatuation”.

By all rights I should be embarassed to admit to owning so many clocks and watches…But I’m not. There’s no shame in being honest, right? Share with the world my odd and no doubt unusual quirks. We all have them after all, don’t we? Please somebody, assure me I am normal! 😉 Well, maybe wrong choice of word…I don’t think I will ever be classified as “normal” by any means.

My twin sister Autumn? Heavens no, she is by far no means “normal” either. That’s OK with us, we both have buttons that state “I Don’t Do Normal”, for real we really do. We found them in some out of the way little shop, laughing ourselves silly and just had to buy them.

I must state here, Autumn my beloved twinnie does not own this amount of clocks or watches. Don’t worry she does have her own quirks though. Maybe better save that for another blog though?

I digess as usual, I was on the subject of setting back our clocks. It means one more hour of sleep on the upside. The downside, it gets dark earlier and winter is truly upon us. Being an optimist, I will go with it being a plus and not a minus. I just have to, being an optimist is good and makes those pessimists wonder why and get bummed out. They can’t  rain on my parade

. So, back to setting my clocks…All done sucessfully. If any of you haven’t rememberd to fix your clocks, time is of the essence! 😉

12 thoughts on “Did You All Set Your Clocks Back? By Gabby Angel

  1. I did the clocks, but not the watches! Thanks for reminding me twinnie, I know we sure don’t do normal. LOL! 😉 It seemed to take forever to do the clocks though. TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Yes an interesting collection of time pieces my friend,
    of course the more modern of these can be radio controlled
    and so rewind or fast forward automatically 🙂 What bliss…

    I like your posting and I too am an optimist, after all who
    wants to be so negative when positivity is so much better
    and welcomed by all around? 🙂 Do have a most exquisite
    rest of weekend, and equally a wonderful week ahead 🙂

    I landed here from my friends Space
    Vampire Weather…


    • Thanks for stopping by and reading this. I am glad to hear you are an optimist, too…Positive vibes are better than negative anytime. 🙂 You, too have a lovely rest of your weekend and a really great week! 🙂

  3. I liked this writing about all the clocks you have. I have that thing more with calendars. There is sometimes more than one calendar in my rooms. Wherever there is a “free” calendar, I pick them up! I guess I just like to always know what day it is from different angles too, therefore, more than one calender in a room. Well, on the clocks, I do admit, I have two in one room, too! So you are not so unique with quirks, that is for sure. Take care. Sincerely, Connie and fun visiting your site. I agree on being an optimist, too. Keeps ones spirits much brighter. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your love of calendars Connie, that made me smile. It’s a comfort hearing we all have our quirks, I don’t think my clocks are that out of control…Not yet anyway! 🙂 I am so happy you like Autumn’s and my site, it means a lot to both of us twins. We really enjoy your writing, too. You make such a good point, being an optimist keeps one’s spirit bright, I do agree. 🙂 Take Care, Gabby

    • I am happy to hear you got your clocks set back. You made me smile, it sounds like you have a lot of clocks and watches, too Lauren. 🙂 Nice to know I am not alone! 😉

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