Shopping Adventures… ~ By Gabby Angel

Autumn and I set out for a shopping trip a little earlier today. Being twins it’s fun this way and shopping really can be an adventure when it’s the two of us. We were just going to a little mall about 20 minutes away and visiting a couple of the stores.

I have a tendency to drag out our shopping a bit too long sometimes. Luckily, Autumn is not shy keeping me in line and twinnies don’t get insulted with these things.

Our first stop was a little clothing boutique we both love. We were in and out of there rather quickly, it’s a small shop and we both had a good idea what we were after. A sweater for me and some rocking boots for Autumn. The girl is addicted I tell you, like I have room to talk. I am almost as bad as she is. I can almost hear Autumn saying the same is true of me with sweaters, among other things of course. We twinnies do love our fashion.

On we went to everyone’s favorite Wal-Mart, they have just about everything you need at that store. The one near us is open 24 hours, it comes in handy for those of us with insomnia doesn’t it? OK, here I am digressing again…Back to the twinnie’s shopping.

We didn’t argue over who pushed the cart by the way, we used to when we were younger sometimes.( I bet she loved me sharing that bit of information.). 😉 We were cruising through the aisles, picking up our odds and ends.Debating long and hard over how I did/did not need a cute little clock, of course Autumn was right. I have more than my share of clocks, I’ve written a couple blogs concerning this matter.

As Autumn asked me, how did we end up in that aisle anyway and promptly took over steering the shopping cart. We meandered over to the greeting card aisle, we need cards for a couple birthdays. Causing a bit of a stir, cracking each other up with some of the musical cards. We twinnies can be quite silly at times, but it’s fun…Even when we attract attention by mistake. Autumn and I tend to forget we are not alone and need to refrain from the amusing “twin stuff” between ourselves.

The nice lady shopper we startled with the one blasting song “Celebrate” in the musical card, nicely forgave us our rudeness. Last stop was the laundry basket search… Yay! I had found a nice wicker one to replace my aging one. We got through the checkout in good time and headed for the car. Autumn was pushing the cart and I was carrying the wicker laundry basket. All of a sudden I fell, tripping over somebody’s soda can I hadn’t seen…How embarassing. My luck, some guy came running over to see if I was OK. Autumn and I had gathered a small audience, well only a handful of people were staring, but I was mortified.

I quickly got up, Autumn assuring me I had fallen gracefully by the way (how comforting) and we sent the caring guy on his way with thanks. I limped the short distance to the car, not hurt badly but my left knee was smarting a bit.

The good news was the wicker laundry basket was unharmed!


8 thoughts on “Shopping Adventures… ~ By Gabby Angel

  1. Another fun shopping trip 🙂 even the fall part was not too bad, you were not hurt much and we got me new boots 😉 Oh, and your stuff too 🙂 You know you are the best twinnie ever 🙂 TF ❤ = Twins Forever

  2. It really was a fun time twinnie. The fall part was a bit embarassing, but no real damage done. Your new boots are very cool and oh yeah, so is my stuff! LOL 😉 You are the best twinnie ever, too. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

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