It’s a Simple Question…~ Gabby Angel

Looking at a half glass of water, if you don’t like water pick another beverage. 😉 Is the glass half empty or half full? My answer of course would be…It’s half full. Why? Well, because I am an optimist and I do count my blessings I am. It’s a thought I was pondering yesterday and remembering. My twin sister Autumn, yes she’s an optimist, too. Hate us or love us, that’s what we twinnies are.

This is kind of unusual memory…We once took a survey of the half empty/half full theory. Call us weirdos if you want to (we’ve probably been called worse), but we were working a 12 hour plus day. We co-managed a small store and had lots of work to get done and catch up on. So, Autumn and I both planned a long day for ourselves. The survey started out as a joke, but started to catch on…We had asked a few shoppers their opinions. It was kind of strange every one of them had answered half empty!

Well, being the ever curious types we twinnies decided we would take our day long survey. I must explain, it was a fairly small store and most of the shoppers knew us. They were all used to our sense of humor and sometimes rather amusing thoughts or conversation. Never a dull moment with Autumn and I, we like to interact with people. So, the day went on and we actually were keeping track. For real, we really were…We asked as many as we could. Is the glass half empty of hall full? The surprise was, and I do remember this clearly…70% said half empty. Only a pitiful 30% said half full, Autumn really got into a few intense chats with some of the lucky shoppers. She was trying to talk them into the half full theory being the best answer! What can I say, the girl loves a good debate! Anyway, isn’t that something? The majority of people were pessimists, how disheartening that survey was.

I wonder if any of you reading this would care to offer your own opinion? Come on, don’t be shy…Simple question! You could be so kind to let Autumn and I know what does that half glass of water look like to you? We twinnies are needing another survey, please make our day all you kind readers. I know Autumn and I would be overjoyed  to get a happier percentage this time around. I am not trying to sway anyone ;), but really isn’t it a nicer thought…The glass is half full! 🙂

Quite seriously, we would all be much happier people if we took that attitude in life. Look for the up side of things, not the down side. Positive thoughts, not negative ones. Something to ponder for the day and please do feel free to give us twinnies your answer. No pressure, honest! 🙂 😉


8 thoughts on “It’s a Simple Question…~ Gabby Angel

    • Half full is the totally right answer twinnie! 🙂 I am hoping we get some other thoughts on this question, too. Maybe a bit better results than the last survey we took, we’ll see. 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  1. Gabby, thanks for stopping by my blog. (please come back by and tell me what your sign is…(Maybe it is the sign of twins?) Here is a loooong answer to your question about half full or half empty~

    For years I was a half full type of person/then I met a person whose glass was totally empty. Being around this person totally sucked the life out of me. I wasn’t ready for that type of person to enter into my life. After my recent Spiritual journey back to where I was~ (Now I AM a little different) In my ministry I meet and embrace a lot of empty glass/half empty people.

    I rejoice in the half full people; like you and your sister (knowing that even with your glass half full opttimism can only go so far.) I give thanks that you have your sister to lift you up. I feel we ought to lift each other up…All of this being said;

    I AM different now. (my glass is totally empty in a good way; it is constantly being filled) The emptiness is filled with the DIVINE LOVE and yearning of GOD for me. I AM cherished whatever the condition of my glass; half cracked, empty, full whatever. I can look at the glass and offer it to someone who is thirsty discovering the glass though seemingly empty now is really full. I welcome the empty glass people in my life now and allow the grace given me to sit with their emptiness knowing GOD fills us all. I give thanks for you and your sister who can see the silver lining on the dark clouds of a storm, who can recognize the divine in the midst of a rainbow, who can laugh at the freedom of a butterfly; I too rejoice in those things~I allow myself to be full of the emptiness “) We are only as happy as we want to be. I am giggling with life ” )

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 What a truly profound answer, you gave me another way of looking at that half glass of water. I will be back to your blog again very soon, I found it quite interesting. I agree with you, we should lift each other up. I am so very blessed to have my twin sister Autumn, we are always there for each other. I love that you are giggling with life, shouldn’t we all be? 🙂

  2. I like the half-full idea much better. Showing gratitude for all we have is the best way to go. Seeing the good things we have in life is much better than noticing the things we don’t have. This Thanksgiving month is a good month to really notice all the great things we have to be thankful for. So thanks for the reminder with the half-full or half-empty glass question. If more of us had the “half-full” mentality, we would all be much happier with how things are. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • So very well said Connie. 🙂 I agree, the world would be a much happier place if more people had the half full mind set. You made such a good point of this being Thanksgiving month. It really is a time to be grateful for what we do have. :)Take Care, Gabby

  3. I love your blog! How’s that for a positive thought! I also prefer half-full, regardless of what’s going on in life. You’re also right about the positive attitude theory…I have found that when my attitude is in the toilet 🙂 my day is, too! But, when my attitude is a happier one, my day is precisely that, also. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but for the most part, it is…I love your honesty in all of your memories and stories; keep them comin’! I’m still grieving (the family is), but our half full is that we were lucky to have Lucky Girl in our life for the 9 years we had her…thanks for listening!

    • Thanks so much Lauren, I try to bring those positive thoughts whenever I can. It’s so true, if we want a happier or better day it’s the only attitude we can go with. I knew you were a half-full person, too. 🙂 I really appreciate what you said about my honesty in writing the memories and stories. It’s what I always am, I will be sure to keep them coming. It’s still so new with losing Lucky Girl, we know the grieving isn’t an over night thing. I am so sad you all are having to hurt this way, but happy you had her in your lives for 9 years. I lost my little 17 year old siamese cat Sapphire a few years ago, I still miss her so much. I haven’t had the heart to get another kitty yet, we are entitled to our grieving and doing it our own way. I am so happy to listen always, Lauren and you know I am keeping you and the family in my prayers. Hugs, Gabby

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