Our Memories ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Our memories of yesterday

were on our way, to stay, today

Now we are grown up and so it seems

it now means

We have learned a lot

the past cannot be bought

or sold, it’s true

We never knew

our future was ahead of us

lessons of trust

and now it’s just

All  making sense …

So as we dance into tomorrow

No more sorrow

and let’s not borrow

any trouble …

Yesterday is behind

we have begun to find

and to remind

each other this is love so strong

we belong

our lives have just begun …


There Are Two of You! ~ By Gabby Angel

I was pulling into Autumn’s driveway earlier today. Nothing new, we see each other quite often since we only live a few miles apart. We were heading out for an early dinner and some time together.
 I noticed the little next door neighbor boy in his front yard and I waved. He is a nice little boy about 7 or 8 years old and is always friendly and ready for a chat. His name is Garrett, and he had a friend with him who I had never seen before. Politely as could be Garrett introduced his friend Sam, telling me that Sam was a new school friend. The boys and I chatted for a few minutes, Autumn had must have seen me pull up because she came out of the house. Sam’s eyes got very big, looking back and forth between Autumn and me several times. He finally stammered out “There are two of you!”
Autumn and I both started laughing, we had heard this often throughout our lives. Too many times to count to be quite honest! Garrett piped up and was laughing, He told his friend with a big smile “Cause they’re twins Sam!” That kind of made poor little Sam speechless, he was too busy still looking at the both of us. Autumn feeling sorry for the poor kid, explained we were twin sisters and the whole concept. That seemed to satisfy Sam, who then shared with us all a funny little story.
It seems Sam had an older sister who was fond of telling him he always was imagining things. That made us all smile kindly, the poor child must have a real peach for a big sister. Who would pick on a little brother with such statements? Yeah, I know it happens…But it struck me as rather mean. Autumn and I chatted a little longer with the boys and then bid them goodbye.
Once we were settled in the car and I had pulled out of her driveway we both burst out laughing again. We took a stroll down memory lane of the reaction we have gotten with the “twin thing” over our dinner. It used to be more of a novelty when we were those boys age, being twins I mean. I thought there were more sets of twins, even triplets and mulitples floating around these days.
Well, we do live in a small town so there are a few sets of twins around, but not many. Throughout our school days, we were the only identical twins in existance…We got many looks, questions and some down right heavy duty staring.It seems we still do! Anyway, it really is fun and very much a blessing for us to be twins and always have our best buddy never too far away. We will always probably attract attention of some nature, but for Autumn’s and my sake I hope it is in a good way!
How many of you readers know twins, are twins or have any twin tidbits to share? Autumn and I would love to hear them, we really would! 🙂