Our Memories ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Our memories of yesterday

were on our way, to stay, today

Now we are grown up and so it seems

it now means

We have learned a lot

the past cannot be bought

or sold, it’s true

We never knew

our future was ahead of us

lessons of trust

and now it’s just

All Β making sense …

So as we dance into tomorrow

No more sorrow

and let’s not borrow

any trouble …

Yesterday is behind

we have begun to find

and to remind

each other this is love so strong

we belong

our lives have just begun …

17 thoughts on “Our Memories ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Hi Autumn, for some reason, I couldn’t comment on your “Singing out loud” post! Technical difficulties! Anyway, loved it and we all do the same. However, my hubby and son can not sing. Period. Love them, but that’s the truth, but they still sing, which is fine…When I was in my late teens, my passion was singing and I had my time in the spotlight several times…then I chose a different path when I graduated and didn’t stick with it. But, I still love to sing, although my voice has changed..my daughter loves country music and her dream is to be a country singer. She reminds me of myself at that age, but my idol was Barbra Streisand…anyway, we’ll see! Keep on singin’! β™« β™« β™«

  2. Hi Lauren, I don’t understand why you couldn’t comment? I just published it now. This is confusing,maybe some sort of glitch. Oh I love Barbra Streisand, too. I think singing is such a super feeling, isn’t it? I hope your daughter makes it with the country music, that’s an easier field to break into, so so they say πŸ™‚ Look at Bucky Covington πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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