My New, But Healthy Addiction ~ by Gabby Angel

It really is my latest addiction, thanks to my sweet twin sister Autumn. What is this addiction, you ask? Greek Yogurt, it is my new favorite! I simply love it, I find myself needing it everyday now. I was reaching for one earlier, and I thought what a cool blog this would make. Having been eating regular yogurt for years, what a switch this greek yogurt is. So much more creamy, and other perks come along with it. Trust me, I did a bit of research for myself. My favorite brand is Dannon Oikos, I know there are others out there. But this one turned into my fave, I did do a lot of taste tasting of course. 😉 I go for the non-fat as usual and I have a few favorite flavors.

The black cherry, blueberry and honey are my top 3 favorites so far. I am just wondering how many of you reading this are simply loving  greek yogurt. Who has tried it, any input and most of all…Let me know your favorite flavors! I am of course having to point out some things I did compare, since eating healthy is a plus. My discovery is greek yogurt is higher in protein, less sugar, less carbs, lower in sodium and higher in calcium. That is pretty awesome if not impressive to know, isn’t it?

Of course some of you reading this may be shaking your heads at the whole yogurt hurrah. I do know some people detest the whole regular or even fabulous greek yogurt thought. I am expecting perhaps some of you could perhaps be thinking…She is crazy. A blog on greek yogurt? Well, it just needed to be talked about, that’s my humble opinion only anyway. I am seriously quite curious to know who else is loving this stuff!

Autumn and I can’t be the only ones, are we? To be quite honest, my twin doesn’t rave on and on the way I do. She likes it, but upon asking her…Autumn says she isn’t addicted! I am, I just can tell…I will be enjoying the Dannon Oikos for a long time to come! Another note about Autumn and I do love my twinnie dearly…She was semi-chuckling at me while we were in the grocery store together in fact! She thought it a wee bit excessive to buy the amount I was putting into my cart. How many single serve containers was I shuffling from the shelf to my cart? Well, only 20 or so…But that isn’t excessive, is it?! I was just making sure I wouldn’t run out for a couple weeks, that’s all. 😉


Our hearts know ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Our hearts do know

which way the wind blows

and how love shows

or how fast it grows

To those like us

We have so much trust

and just

don’t doubt our hearts

or ever fall apart

We just have faith in “us”

so we must

go along our own way

Together we shall stay

and wish that others may

have the belief in love

as the stars above

shine upon us all

we could see one fall,

so catch that falling star if you can

they have  been around since time began

There’s magic all around

just listen, you can hear the sound …