Things You Overhear in Public… ~By Gabby Angel

What a title and trust me, I heard a few things I didn’t need or want to hear. Innocently stopping into our local drugstore, just needing a couple things. Sounds simple, quick and not very traumatizing or upsetting, right? Wrong, whatever are people thinking and is nothing sacred?

Upon wandering down the headache/ pain meds aisle to pick up some tylenol…There is some guy chatting on a cell phone. That is one of my personal pet peeves, cell phone chatting loudly in a public place. I really tried not to listen, but this guy was seriously loud. Apparently not happy with his wife on the other end of the phone…A few choice words and not very nice sounding. I quickly grabbed my tylenol to escape this bad vibe stuff going on. His poor wife, I thought to myself and got myself away from that aisle. Why oh why wasn’t Autumn with me? She handles this kind of thing so much better than I do, sometimes it’s hard travelling without that twinnie!

My one consolation was exchanging a look of disgust with a fellow shopper. Moving along, I head to the nail polish remover aisle. A mother and young teenager arguing like crazy! Do I really need the nail polish remover, yes unforunately as I was down to my last few drops. I sighed and decided to make it quick and exchange no looks. No use getting involved in, even to smile and perhaps get them to lighten up. I may be a dreamer but I’m not stupid! I am almost home free, I grabbed the bottle of polish remover and ready to roll.

The mother of teen stops me, for real she grabbed my arm. She is someone I don’t know, who grabs somebody’s arm like that? Mother of teen is determined to get my opinion, pretty darn nervy. She asks me if the polish said teen is demanding is too off the wall and inapropriate…Why does she need my input? I nicely say, something to that affect and smile politely. She gives me a disgusted look as I  turn away and make a quick retreat to the checkout, fast.

Turning around I come face to face with another shopper. She is also looking nervous at the mother/daughter spat, I feel sorry for her. Braving this aisle is just not the place to be! I give her a warm smile of reassurance and walk on my way. Hopefully she won’t get pulled into the drama. Just like my title states, the things you see and hear in public never cease to amaze me.

Yay! The checkout is in sight…I made it! I quickly get checked out, happy the young clerk was friendly and nice. Was I ever glad to get to my car, rip open the tylenol bottle! I take a couple and head for the sanctuary of home.

Next time, I am not venturing out unless Autumn is with me!


Sunset ~by Autumn Sunshine

Sitting on the beach

the stars are within our reach

We watch the setting sun

Another day is done

Waves crashing and dashing

along the shore

who  could ask for more?

The beauty of the sea

the love of you and me

the sun is setting in the west

tonight is just the best

Starlight surrounds

moonlight abounds

the heavens seem to smile

if only for awhile

I love this place

I love your face

My darling man, you are my future and my past

This love will always last

just like the waves of the ocean that we love

and the sunset up above …