Believe in Magic ~By Autumn Sunshine

I believe in magic do you?

Just look around, it’s really true

A sprinkle of stardust

A dash of trust

the secret is in the mixing

and fixing

you see…

Add some love and it starts to shine

the magic is working, all is fine

the rest is adding a few thingsย divine

slowly you’ll understand how it works

close your eyes, it’s just a quirk

of this and that

no, we don’t add wings of a bat

just follow my list and if you are lucky

you will spin around

just look what can be found

magic is here and there

and everywhere …

11 thoughts on “Believe in Magic ~By Autumn Sunshine

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  2. Yes this is true and I believe in magic. All of us have that magic touch within us. We just got to believe in it and it will come naturally ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is awesome! Short kind of piece but precise, concrete, meaningful and inspirational. It boost up one’s feeling. Thanks for sharing.

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