Close Encounter…With a Skunk! by Gabby Angel

It was just a little after the darkness fell for the night. Thinking nothing of that fact, I realized I had left a bag of books in my car. I had stopped by Autumn’s house earlier and she had finished reading these books of mine, so she sent them home with me. They were perfectly safe in the car, but it’s how my mind works. I wanted them in the house, so I could put them away. I will admit, yes I also file them in alpabetical order…because I am just a bit neuoritic about some things.

My OCD behavior almost called for a close encounter…With a skunk! Just like the title states, this isn’t just a catchy title it really happened. I thankfully spotted the dreaded skunk before I got to close to it. I am still a bit upset just thinking about the whole deal. I can’t believe at first glance I thought it was perhaps a cat, glad I took the second look before preceding!

I may sound strange, but it really did freak me out. In all my years of camping, living in a rural area and all my many travels… I have never been that close to one of these creatures. They aren’t as cute as Flower in the movie Bambi I need to say. Bambi, a movie I cannot watch to this day…That’s a whole other blog though. I have a very bad case of what I call Bambi syndrome. You know, the heartbreak of hearing about anything involving hunting. Anyway, I digress as usual.

I have to be honest, on spotting this skunk I literally flew back inside the safety of my house. Seriously, I raced like the wind! Some of you reading this may be laughing, but it wasn’t funny.Please don’t be laughing…It was scary! I wonder who else has had an encounter or a similiar skunk scare tale to share. For all your sakes I hope not, for real.The weirdest part of this whole thing, Autumn had told me just last week how she saw a skunk in her yard while looking out a window. I just said, yeah twinnie…It was probably a cat! I did call her to tell her of the near disaster and told her I was sorry I doubted her. She was nice and quite relieved I had escaped the possible skunk spraying me…Yuck again at the mere thought. It was nice to hear her comforting voice after such an experience. TF <3=Twins Forever, after all. Sticking by each other’s side no matter what.

Well, needless to say I will be careful and ever so watchful the next time I venture out of the house after dark…You never know where they may be lurking!


Standing together… ~By Autumn Sunshine

Neither way is right or wrong

just so that we are standing strong

People get so confused

and all they do is lose

It’s so easy to do

just stay true

and stand united don’t lose track

there’s nothing to lack

and don’t turn back

Yesterday is over, you see

all you have to be

is together where you belong

Along the way

and every day

it’s standing and watching the stars above

looking and laughing and being in love…