Black Friday Looms… ~by Gabby Angel

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday arrives. My many years in retail, the mere thought of it all exhausts me. For most of us Thanksgiving is such a lovely day, family, food, fun and all the good stuff. A day for relaxing, giving voice to what we’re thankful for. That is something that was always important in our family growing up, it still is.

Anyway, the next day and Black Friday arrives. A few of Autumn’s and my sisters still carry on their shopping tradition. They hit those stores at such an insanely early hour and just keep rolling the whole entire day! Last year rumor had it, the one sister was still shopping until she dropped at one mall and it was 9 at night! She had been out shopping at the crack of dawn, too. Youngest sister said her eyes were glazing over at all the fine deals she had uncovered…But was it all worth it? The other sisters finally had to literally drag her to the car and get them all headed home. Clearly she was on a shopper’s high and they did the best thing for her! Well, upon hearing this I kind of thought it was funny and laughed…So did Autumn. You won’t catch us out there in the marketplace shopping on the dreaded Black Friday, ever!

Seriously, how can anyone endure the traffic, the crowds, those long lines, the bickering shoppers and all the rest? How many of you reading this actually shop on Black Friday, how many of you avoid it like the plague? I am always curious, it’s my nature…But I’m not nosy. Just comment on this subject either way, but only if you wish to. In my humble opinion only, does anyone really get a bargain and is it all worth the stress? It really is a retailers best and worst day, business is booming but the day is long and also exhausting. In my retail experience, the day is just plain scary, it really is!

People shove each other, argue over the merchandise, try to butt  ahead of each other in line and just get so ugly and nasty. As they race through the stores on the quest for a wonderful bargain, it all is just so stressful. Again, these are just my own thoughts, observations and opinions. For all of you who enjoy the craziness of this day…Have fun and do get enough rest the night before if possible. Because it really is a jungle out there, gear up and do be careful…Just a word of caution.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…Happy shopping! 😉


We can do anything ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Fairy tales and stars so high

close your eyes and just try

Don’t say you can’t, just twirl

and swirl

and spin


One more time

and say the magic rhyme

it will be just fine

never say never

not ever!

You can do anything you wish

no one can miss

the chance

or the dance

take a stance

You dream it and you can make it happen

It’s the magic that is you…