The Christmas Ornament… ~ By Gabby Angel

The source of many arguments and downright fighting occurred over this particular ornament. This Christmas ornament memory of mine, I had to share it with Autumn and see what her response was. It’s a story of the favorite Christmas ornament that started in our early childhood. When I asked her what some of her  memories and thoughts were, we both laughed so much! Recalling how fights between certain sisters of ours started over this certain ornament. What kind of ornament is it you ask? It was an adorable Rudolph the red nosed reindeer ornament.

Our Dad and Mom had purchased it for one of their first Christmases together. Before even Autumn and I had come along, certainly before our younger sisters were born. Wonder if they would have banished poor Rudolph if they knew the arguments that were to come?

Autumn and I were were more than happy to take turns over placing Rudolph on the tree. Which ever kid got to place Rudolph in the spot of their choosing, the other one got to place the angel tree topper on the tree. With Dad’s help of course, all our trees were at least six feet high.

After the next two sisters came along, all of a sudden fights broke out! Looking back it seems so silly, why out of all the ornaments was Rudolph the source of such trouble? Well, it was a cute ornament I do have to say. Worth arguing and all over…No, it was ridiculous.

Yet it happened, those two middle sisters got downright horrible to each other. Every year without fail, they had a memory lapse and insisted it was their turn! One year I remember the fight over Rudolph escalated in other ornaments being tossed around and some minor skirmishes breaking out. It just was not a pretty picture at all. Again, this is a story they would be mortified to know I was telling.

Poor old Rudolph, he was much loved and it was a miracle this ornament stayed in one piece at all. Happily the other two younger sisters were pretty dignified over this certain ornament. Perhaps, because Autumn and I would offer them our turns. We were in fact accused on several occasions by the two middle sisters of spoiling the younger ones, imagine that! As a matter of fact, the very youngest sister now has this much loved ornament in her possession. She, along with her husband are taking good care of  good old Rudolph. I am pleased to report their two little boys have never had a battle over Rudolph either!

Oops, I really hope those other two sisters aren’t reading this…They may not know where Rudolph got to. It will be our secret…Shh! 😉


In tune ~ By Autumn Sunshine

You and me, we’re so in tune

it’s so real and I feel

the whole deal

is the very best

and has been put to many tests

so no more or less

we begin our walk through time

and this is yours and mine

to share and learn

as the hands of time turn

the future lies ahead at last

the die has been cast

our love holds fast

so strong, so bold

as it once was foretold

long ago and far away;

the wonder of us is here to stay…