Hello Kitty…Who Knew She has a Twin?~ By Gabby Angel

She is an icon, Hello Kitty. Loved by girls of all ages, and still going strong at 37 years old! Her birthday was November 1st, she looks pretty good for 37 I do need to say. The question is… Who knew Hello Kitty has a twin sister Mimi? I am sure the die hard Hello Kitty fans do know this fact of course. Isn’t that quite interesting to know? But, why is Kitty getting most of the spotlight?

Well, rumor has it  Hello Kitty is much more outgoing, where Mimi is shy…Likely story! 😉 Anyway they really are twins, Kitty always wears her bow of choice on her left ear. Mimi on her right ear, so everyone can tell them apart.  Does that mean they could switch which side their bow is and nobody would ever know? Twins have been known to resort to such things, I hear. 😉 Mimi could be stepping in when poor Kitty gets tired or needs her privacy!

Of course I am intrigued that Hello Kitty has this twin sister, who is rarely heard about. In my humble opinion only they should have introduced these twin sisters from the get-go! Of course because I am a twin, I would have to toss that in. Regardless, Hello Kitty has quite the huge cult following. One of my favorite things about her is, she doesn’t need a mouth…She speaks from the heart! That is so sweet, some people could take a lesson from Hello Kitty…Something to ponder.

The products Hello Kitty’s image is on just boggles the mind.Jewelry, make up, clothes, tattoos, games, dolls, wallpaper…The list goes on and on! I did almost forget, Hello Kitty’s most unusual new product…It’s pink beer, marketed by Becks’s beer. That one did take me a bit by surprise, I know she is 37 years old and all…But still, beer? I don’t drink, but I am and will always be a fan of Hello Kitty. Autumn of course is also a fan, she is the one who broke the news to me…Hello Kitty is now on a beer bottle label!

I still wish Mimi would be more present, who is with me on this one? My twin sister Autumn will be I am quite sure…We are of the thought that twins are fun and need celebrated! Long may Hello Kitty (and Mimi) be with us.


Sunlight ~ by Autumn Sunshine

I really have got to say

if I may

You are the sunlight in my day

My forever man

you make me stand

so happy and content

rays of sunlight sent

all around


us both with safe keeping


through and through

as I always knew

could happen some day

so much joy

we just enjoy

Today that is ours, yours and mine

It’s our time to shine

As we walk along our beach

we reach

for what we love the most

we never boast

for the fortunes can change

and rearrange

We just smile and walk into the sunlight

hand in hand …