Christmas Cookies… ~ by Gabby Angel

I was looking at my cookie recipes last night.My recipe box is pretty well organized…So looking under the Christmas cookies section is easy. I realized how recipes I have and how many I haven’t made for years. It got me thinking of everyone liking a different sort of Christmas cookie. There are so many to choose from, also being half Italian we make different types of Italian cookies. I wonder how many people reading this do some Christmas cookie baking. I actually do know some people who buy all their Christmas cookies, they don’t want to be bothered.  For real, that’s what they do.

Doesn’t that take some of the fun out of the holidays? Well, maybe it takes some of the stress away from the holidays for them. Some people honestly don’t like to bake. Far be it from me to be judgemental, honest. Everyone has to do it their own way.

To be honest I don’t do as much baking for the holidays as I did while my husband Dave was still alive. His favorite cookies were ones with anything chocolate and peanut butter, also sugar cookies. Almost anything I baked! He was tall and thin he could pack those cookies away, too. I know my favorites are the Italian cookies and of course anything made with chocolate!

Sugar cookies, the cookie cutter kind are so much fun when you decorate them any way you choose. Back when Autumn and I were young, the younger sisters, too…We could get real wild and crazy with our decorating. Those were fun times, good memories and those innocent and simple days.

I know Autumn and I will be getting together to do some baking, hopefully Mom and some of our sisters. I need to ask you all a special favor, do any of you kind readers care to share what your favorite Christmas cookie is? Come on everyone, it will be fun don’t you think?

Just leave a comment with your favorite Christmas cookie, but only if you feel so compelled to do so. I don’t want  to seem pushy at all, since that isn’t my nature. It would be interesting to see the results, thank you for taking the time to read this. 🙂


Silver rings and firefly wings ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Silver rings

and firefly wings

lovely things

that make us smile

all the while

along our way

every single day

on clouds of love

wings of a dove

the sun shining above

Who could ask for more?

as once before

in time so light

we believe our love so right

so day or night

the magic dwells

as many bells

we hear

because a love so dear

means one has no fear

with silver rings

and firefly wings

the dance has just begun …