The Twinnies and the Angel Tree Topper… ~by Gabby Angel

This is a one of those memories you just have, that somehow never goes away. In sharing this one, I hope someone gets a smile. Autumn and  I sure always had a lot to say…It started young and has never gone away.

Our Dad and Mom, so blessed to start out with us twinnies and have four more darling daughters after us. Very brave, our Dad and Mom! If nothing else we got them geared up to deal with anything. Always full of questions, opinions and what if’s…That was Autumn and I.

This memory concerns the Angel Tree Topper that graced our family’s Christmas tree for years. It was quite lovely, as angels go…Our only problem with it? Well, the angel had blond hair! It was fine, until both Autumn and I at almost  6 years old insisted the angel should have dark hair, like us! Asking all kind of questions…Weren’t there dark haired angels? After all all not everyone was blond and what about the red haired angels…Were there any of those around? Did God only make blond haired angels, if so why…It didn’t seem right!

One good thing for our parents sake, little sister was only a bit under 2 years old. Too young to get her on the bandwagon with us twinnies.So, on our non stop questions went … Our Dad was quite helpful, trying to humor us nosy , relentless twinnies.He came up with what he thought would perhaps stop the questions. Yes, he told us…Angels came with all colors of hair, but our Angel happened to arrive with blond hair. She was a special tree topper angel just for our family…She had her own magic. Wow, she was magic…Autumn and I bought into that for a couple weeks. We twinnies were chatting among ourselves, still wishing the angel had dark brown hair, after all that might bring her a bit more magic to our thinking.

We were just so bugged by the whole hair color thing, I know we were some wacky young twinnies, weren’t we? Dad and Mom overheard that little conversation…Well, what do you think we saw by the time Christmas morning dawned? Yes, you may have guessed… Tree Topper Angel had turned into a brunnette! Now that was some heavy duty magic! Autumn and I danced around in delight, clapping our hands and all smiles. All was right in our little world…It was a happy day.

The things parents do for their kids sometimes is touching, giving  and the the loving  things that make some beautiful memories. Most especially appreciated by this set of twins! 🙂


Embers and fairy dust… ~by Autumn Sunshine

Love that glows like an ember

we will always remember

the beginning of September

the magic of  fairy dust

and lots of trust

all of which must

glow and shine

yours and mine

the love shimmers and defines

you and me and me and you

it’s lovely and it’s true

and also skies so blue

lots of spells

and wishing wells

also the bells

that ring each day

the magic finds it’s way

so here we are

with our wishing star

near or far

the many things

that always bring

A smile for you and me …