Pixie rings and fairy wings ~by Autumn Sunshine

Pixie rings

and fairy wings

a sprite or two around

also here an elf abounds

listen, though you’ll hear no sound

have no fear

all that enter here

from far or near

will only see the good

in even a glance

you’ll see a unicorn dance

and prance

among the flowers

and showers

of sparkling fairy dust

magic is a must

in this land of happy times

another rhyme

is always fine

just take a stroll

and soon you’ll know

anything is possible, just believe …


8 thoughts on “Pixie rings and fairy wings ~by Autumn Sunshine

  1. aww, so cute! i love all the fairy-like posts… my mom used to explain all sorts of things to me on the ranch with fairies. i was so upset when i realized they aren’t real! lol…

    I’d ask how the grass & flowers got wet in the morning (dew), she told me the fairies watered the garden sometimes… =), & she’d leave fairy dust in the dollar that was specially folded that replaced our teeth under the pillow. & of course, if i ever tried to catch a glipse, they’d just hold still in the sky & pretend to be a star! … i fell for it like any adoring, trusting child would… thank you for sharing this poem. it’s super cute!

    • I’m so glad you like it 🙂 I love the magic stuff, too . I agree, I wish they were real 😉 lol!!

      I love how your Mom told you about the morning dew, that is just so cute. What a great idea about the
      tooth fairy 🙂 I love that!

      Thanks so much for reading and such a sweet comment. It made me smile 🙂

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