A Lump of Coal for You! ~ by Gabby Angel

I remembered this one Christmas season of Autumn’s and my youth. Having to share the memory with her, we both ended up laughing like crazy.

Some of these are the memories of our young days, we twinnies just endlessly laugh about now. At the time, we were kind of surprised at one of our younger sisters. I know, I have written about the two middle sisters more than a few times. I just can’t seem to help myself, those two girls when they were younger! Clashing all the time, bickering, picking on each other and sometimes pulling pranks.

Our family had one week to go until Christmas…Our parents were overjoyed at the pretty good behavior by all of us. Of course Autumn and I were almost 11 years old. The two sisters were 7 and 5&1/2…They are only 18 months apart. Autumn and I seriously did try to keep those two younger sisters in line. Not an easy job either, I must say…The closer we got to Christmas the worse they were getting along!

Decorating Christmas cookies a fight broke out between the two, each ended up covered in icing. L. had dumped pretty sprinkles on T. to sweeten her up. That’s what she said, her exact words…Mom was not impressed, to put it mildly! Next round, Autumn and I were helping them paint Christmas pictures, using water colors. Big mistake, an argument over L. using the red paint when T. wanted to. Instead of sharing, like we were taught…Well, we’ll just say it’s good water colors washed out of clothes!

On it went, so when L. showed me a small box she wanted help in wrapping for T. I was thrilled! I should have been suspious when she wouldn’t let me look inside the box. Claiming it was a nice surprise, I bought into it…After all Christmas was only a day away. They had decided to make peace, L.. was giving T. a little trinket…I am so naive at times!

So, Christmas morning dawns and we all set to unwrapping presents…Yay! L. was acting so nice to T. and smiling finally presented her with the secret gift. Autumn and I exchanged smiles, Mom and Dad did, too. Imagine the looks on our faces…T. unwrapped her gift, a lump of coal! For real, L. had gone to great lengths to search out a lump of coal with one of her friends help. It was the ultimate prank, and one I still remember so well.

Kind of strange, but those two sisters are the best of buddies as they’ve gotten older. Neither seems to remember all their fighting as Mom, Autumn and I do. In asking L. if she remembered the lump of coal present…Go figure, she had a memory lapse!


21 thoughts on “A Lump of Coal for You! ~ by Gabby Angel

  1. These super fun and also funny memories are the best 🙂 L and T were quite the pair back then, I know they remember their fighting 😉 they are just not admitting it 🙂 ha ha, for real how could they forget!!! That lump of coal was not very nice of L. at all, but nice she forgot she did such a thing 😉 LOLLLLLLL TF ❤ = Twins Forever

    • The memories are always fun and funny, too! L. and T. were quite the pair back in their younger days, weren’t they? 😉 Those two won’t admit to any of it, I am sure they remember twinnie! 🙂 LOL, how could they forget?! 😉 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. OMG too funny! My parents did something like this to me one year. They wrapped a bag of kitty litter up and even told me that’s what it was, for the whole month before Christmas! I didn’t believe them. I was in tears when I opened it. They forgot to put a note in it though that my real present was a bike in the garage.

    • It was one of the best pranks between those two sisters! I am so happy you got a laugh. 🙂 OMG about the kitty litter, I bet your parents were so upset they forgot the note. Your real present was a bike, Yay! So, hopefully you dried your tears and took a spin on the new bike. 🙂

      • Actually they thought it was hysterical, it was a good 5 minutes of laughing before they could speak to tell me about the bike. I was happy for the bike though and definitely took it for a spin 🙂

  3. It sounds like your parents had a good sense of humor. 🙂 Laughing until they could finally settle down and tell you about your bike. Glad you did finally get the bike news and went for a spin. 🙂

  4. I liked the part where one sister dumped sprinkles on the other to sweeten her up! Too funny. I like to get Aliesha the candy coal for Christmas, she always gets a kick out of that!

    • I still remember that dumping of sprinkles Lori. 🙂 Those two sisters really did pull some really good ones, we never knew what would break loose next! The candy coal is so much nicer, Aliesha knows you’re kidding. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Judith, it was a joy to visit your blog because I just loved it. Thanks for stopping by here for a visit, too. That is so nice about you and your sister being mistaken for twins, I will be over to read it soon. 🙂 I am happy to hear you liked what you’ve read here. Thanks for sharing!

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