Fire Alarms Going Off.. by Gabby Angel

How loud it was, too! This is another wacky adventure, I swear could only happen to us twinnies. Maybe it’s happened to other people, if so Autumn and I would love to hear your story. It may be comforting in a small way, because at times it feels like trouble and weird events follow us. You know what I’m saying, think about what you’ve read on these blogs. Need I say more? 😉

Anyway, we were making a couple stops, first one was the drugstore. Yes…The same place I was accosted by that bizarre woman of teen girl. If you didn’t read that one, I will briefly say a mother of teen girl tried to get my opinion. It was about the shade of nail polish the girl wanted, the mother thought it was unsuitable for said teen. Wouldn’t have been so bad, but she grabbed my arm asking my opinion! Anyway, I digress as usual…So back in the same drugstore. I did say, I wasn’t traveling without the twinnie…I meant it!

Picking up a couple perscriptions and some greeting cards, that sounds easy right? It turned into a twilight zone deal…Autumn and I had just finished paying for our things, when blasting fire alarms started blaring like crazy. They were so loud, first the alarms then flashing lights on various spots on the walls. You know that kind of sound and lights like when you are the millionth customer? No, that wasn’t what it was…The twinnies didn’t hit it rich, win anything or set a record. 😉 It was a for real fire alarm, people freaking out all over trying to get out of the store. There wasn’t smoke, so one gutsy guy customer was refusing to leave as he kept shopping!

Needless to say, the twinnies hightailed it out of there but fast. There was about a dozen or so not so happy customers milling around outside, I tried to hustle us to the car…But you know how Autumn loves to chat. 😉 This lady was telling us how rude it all was, how dare the fire alarms go off? She had a cartful of merchandise she needed! Meanwhile the fire trucks are rollling into the parking lot, we made our escape to the car. Thankfully, we weren’t blocked in and got out of there…That drugstore does seem to have some bad vibes attached to it.

The good news to report, it was a false alarm and nobody was injured, no damage done. So, my question is…Did anyone ever have anything like this happen? Please do share, if you would be so kind. By the way, the twinnie and I aren’t going into that store for awhile…Can you blame us? Wonder if the place is cursed…Hmm, something to ponder. 😉


We have … ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We have  walked in the sunshine

over and over again

and danced in the rain

picked wild flowers

during a Spring shower

We have done so much, seen a lot

listened to the lessons we were taught

from those so wise and sure

so now we have a love that’s pure

we have laughed in the shadows of  night

wandered hand in hand through the moon light

shared so many lovely sights

We have hiked a mountain so high

heard the wind sigh

and through it all

we’ve never said goodbye

We have made a promise this is true

We have agreed to say…. I do