Christmas Cards… ~ by Gabby Angel

Upon checking my mail today, oh my goodness…Quite a few Christmas cards had rolled in! How is this possible? I know we are only about three weeks away from the big day, but I haven’t even started mine yet. Wow, some of my family and friends are quite the early birds or am I running late this year? Hmm…I it could be either way, I’m not sure.
November flew by and here we are on the very first week of December, how did that happen? I do feel somewhat hopelessly behind now, opening that mailbox caused just a tiny bit of panic. Sometimes it doesn’t take much with me! I do feel like I am perhaps slacking maybe a little, or am I?
The variety so far this year just amazed me. All so pretty and cheerful with lots of handwritten notes on most of them, I am blessed I know. Well, the relative who will remain nameless had the usual Family Christmas Letter. It was wild and hectic as ever, making me ponder. How in the world do two adults and two teenagers have time to do all that stuff over just one year’s time? I am not kidding, it was rather exhausting just reading it! All these busy people, already having the Christmas cards sent out…I will start mine later, or tomorrow, maybe.
How many of you kind readers already have your Christmas cards sent out? Is it a bit early do you think? I am wanting reassurance, Autumn is also wondering. The twinnie hasn’t touched her lovely boxes of cards yet either, by the way. We twinnies bought ours at the same time a couple weeks ago.Reassuring each other we would have them done early this year.
Let Autumn and I know…Are your Christmas cards sent out yet or are they patiently sitting in their boxes? No pressure, inquiring twinnies just want to know. 😉 🙂

10 thoughts on “Christmas Cards… ~ by Gabby Angel

    • I am going to finish mine up by tomorrow I hope! Glad you are working on yours, nice you do have help. 🙂 Also happy it is the best Christmas for ages twinnie, love will do that! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  1. I have to do my cards. Luckily the list gets smaller every year as people die and new people don’t give a hoot about cards. Thanks for making me stress about getting them done. 😉

  2. I haven’t even started, yet, Gabby, so don’t feel so bad..I usually do letters and we do Christmas pictures, but it just seems like everyone is so busy now. We will do it, probably next weekend when we get our tree. Our daughter is busy with her boyfriend and college and our son is a junior and has a busier schedule this year, so our heads are spinning. Then there’s work, etc. Anyway, don’t feel bad; that’s the moral of this lengthy response! Sigh! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness Lauren, you guys are all so busy! I bet your heads are spinning from all those schedules, but you will get yours done and hopefully with help. 🙂 Mine are almost done and will get mailed out tomorrow, Yay and that is a relief. Busy time of the year for all of us it sounds like, I know Autumn and I aren’t alone in this! 🙂

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