A magic castle ~ By Autumn Sunshine

There is a castle on the hill so high

listen close and you can hear a sigh

It’s where the Princess dwells

the sound of tiny bells

play a happy sound

all around

the castle so tall, flowers bloom

and fairies loom

I see a wood nymph over there

laying beside a tree without a care

Come closer if you dare

You twirl around

without a sound

and see the Princess smile and wave

she always tries to behave

but alas she spins and waves her hand

right before our eyes, a Pegasus  stands

ready to take her for a flight

sparkly mane makes for a pretty light

Off they go on a breeze into the night

She waves and vanishes within our sight

The magic follows all who wander here

it’s really true so never fear

just learn a spell and make a wish

you will hear a  “swish”

before you know it you’ll be on your way

twirl and swirl into a brand new day …


12 thoughts on “A magic castle ~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. Okay, i don’t even know you two, but i feel like I’d really enjoy your company . you sound so cute & fun! lol. & your poems are so sweet & light hearted. just a good smile each time. & I could always use a smile. I’m so glad you two started this blog. What a great fun project to do together! i wish i had a twin. lol. God Bless!

    • I’m overwhelmed, but what a lovely thing to say 🙂 Thanks so much and I think we would get along really well, we Twinnies are bunches of fun. You have made my day and that is just awesome. I am glad we started this blog, too 🙂 You are just a super good person and so many people have touched my life for the better 🙂 Hugs and God Bless! I will start working on a “spell” to get you a twin 😉 everyone needs one!!

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