Happy Birthday… ~By Gabby Angel

I just had to write this one and dedicate it to youngest little sister and Dad. Having talked this over with Autumn, we both agreed we needed to acknowledge this special date. Which would be December 7th, first our beloved Dad’s birthday and also our youngest little sister.

They loved sharing the same birthday. Dad always teased M. by saying she was the best birthday gift he could have asked for. When we lost Dad to cancer 8 years ago it was so sad to hear littlest sister M. say she hated her birthday now. Thankfully the last couple years has been better and she seems to be able to enjoy her birthday.

M. is the sweetest and so loving, gentle, spunky and she has the best sense of humor. Yes, she is the baby sister of the bunch, but she truly still looks so much like a little girl. It’s easy to want to shelter her from hurting, she is so gentle and loving. M. was born when Autumn and I were almost 13 years old. So, she did grow up with the both of us always wanting to protect her and look after her.

There are way more positives than negatives I could ever say about M. She is happily married now and has two adorable little boys, the cutest and most amusing nephews they are, too. Anyway, M. was so used to sharing her birthday for years with our Dad so of course things are very different. But like I said she is doing OK, although it’s difficult not worrying about her.

Mom would make Dad his favorite cake, German Chocolate and M her favorite chocolate cake with peanut butter icing each and every year. M. loved it when they each got to blow out their birthday candles. She always insisted they blew out those candles and made their own wish at the same time. They opened birthday gifts together, again because M. insisted it was the way. Dad was such a sweetheart always going along with her wishes, because he was just that kind of awesome type Dad. He is so very missed and always will be…He loved Mom all six of us darling daughters and we all loved him back.

Dad was the kind of man who everyone liked immediately, he had a sense of joy and magic around him. His love and zest for life, making sure each day was lived to the fullest. Always encouraging, gently nuding and so good at helping others. He was a blessing to all of us and any life he touched, we all hold those memories close.

Dad would encourage M. to have a wonderful birthday…He will be watching from heaven to make sure she does have a beautifull day. I know M. knows this, so we will all make sure little baby sister has the most Happy Birthday…After all, Dad is watching and we don’t want to disappoint him.


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… ~By Gabby Angel

    • Thanks so much, that means a lot coming from my favorite Martian. 🙂 M.’s birthday will always live in infamy! 😉 I have to get over to your blog, I need some fun and lots of laughs and you always deliver.

    • I will extend birthday greeting to our littlest sister (we have 4 others). Dad is in Heaven, but sure he got the greeting. He joined my husband Dave 8 years ago, they left us 40 days apart to the same cancer. Thank you for the blessings Dan, wishing you the same!

    • I don’t want you crying Dominoe! That you feel like you know Autumn, me and our family makes me smile. I know neither Autumn or I could ever be anything but open, we really do lay it all out there. Thanks for appreciating and also reading! 🙂

    • I am glad you like reading about our family, we twinnes really are quite blessed! Thank you so much for reading about us, it means a lot. 🙂 M. had a good birthday and her day was special! 🙂

  1. Happy belated birthday to your wonderful, younger sister and this is such a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I’m sure her birthdays will always be even more special, now that she knows he’s watching over her on their special day.

    • I will pass those birthday greetings along to baby sis! Also, thanks Lauren for saying it’s a beautiul tribute to Dad, miss him lots and he was the best. He really is watching over us all and thankfully our youngest sister knows this. The first few years were so rough for her, but she now thinks of it as “their birthday” again and it is a special day.

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