Who Loves to Wrap Presents? ~ By Gabby Angel

I know…A strange question, isn’t it? Sometimes, it seems that’s what I’m here for! It’s another weird thing Autumn and I were talking about earlier. We really do have some odd conversations, trust me …This one was fairly normal compared to some! 😉 We twinnies can get carried away with our array of subjects and topics.

Autumn, as well as me kind of enjoy wrapping presents from time to time. But…Big confession, we also have been known to resort to those handy gift bags whenever possible! Autumn gave me this idea for a “blog/survey/let’s share” latest writing, so here we go!

Would you kind readers like to share your thoughts? Let Autumn and I know your thoughts on wrapping presents? Do you have fun and relish the task? Or do you like us resort to those lovely and ever so handy gift bags? You really can quite jazz them up you know! Perhaps some of you pay to have those gifts wrapped? I know, some stores do offer that alternative. I could never do it for a living, it would drive me somewhat crazy…Too much pressure! Never would I judge, either would Autumn…Because everyone has to do it their way after all.

So, if you do opt for the store gift wrapping, I say go for it!  We twinnies have our reason for not taking that route. Why, you ask? Well, because they look so perfect everyone knows you couldn’t have wrapped it yourself! 😉

Come on, let’s do be real they will know…Unless you are like our one sister! Hers look perfect, always…We fondly call her the Martha Stewart clone, too. In a nice way of course…She is undisturbed by it, honestly she is. So, if you would like to share your gift wrapping thoughts…We twinnies would appreciate it. 🙂

Oh yeah, if anyone thinks this was a dumb blog idea…Blame it on Autumn! 😉 🙂


14 thoughts on “Who Loves to Wrap Presents? ~ By Gabby Angel

  1. This was not dumb and I love to wrap if I don’t have to rush through it. I also enjoy Christmas carols playing in the background. If I don’t have the time, then gift bags come in real handy! 🙂

    • Thanks for saying the idea wasn’t dumb Lauren. I am so proud of you for loving to wrap, I wish I could say the same. Although, wrapping shouldn’t be left until the last minute like I usually end up doing. Then, the gift bags are what I end up using! 🙂

  2. When I first learned to wrap presents I loved it. It was like a challenge or something to make them look perfect. Now I still wrap some but without the zeal. I also use gift bags, they are easy and look festive as well. I do not have gifts wrapped “professionally” Mostly because of the expense, I would rather buy another present. 🙂

    • I loved how you explained the gift wrapping thing Lori! Maybe I lost the zeal to wrap, too but gift bags are so much more quicker and easier. I totally agree about having them done professionally, buy another present instead! 🙂

  3. Gift wrap is pretty, but I put it in the same category as holiday lights- I love to look at yours but I really don’t have the time or inclination to engage in the activity myself. Besides, pretty wrapping paper only makes the gift more attractive to kitties.

  4. First off, you two make me wish i had a twin! my sister i’m closest to is married, so we only get phone chats, but still, i slightly envy you two. you sound so cute & fun. And as for me, i’m a gift wrapper. i love it. i will never cheat & use a premade bow either. i interwine ribbon, & sometimes things like pine cones (& dip them in glue then sprinkle sparkles on) i’ll attach on, as well. I used to know what half the gifts under the tree were each year. Because all 6 people in my immediate family would pay me, or bribe me in some way to wrap their gifts for them. Of course, part of the price they didn’t know, was a peek for me. 😉 One sister always made me my very own batch of chocolate cookie dough if i wrapped hers. My father would take away a chore, or i would just take pity on him trying to cover the box in paper & string… he didn’t grasp the folds or tape. lol. my brother would bribe me with when it was his choice for family games, he would choose mine, etc…

    So around christmas time, i ended up getting all sorts of goodies, treats, game choices, removal chores & living in the wrapping closet. I was dubbed the ‘christmas elf’ in our family. Little did all them know, i would have done it for absolutely nothing. Still, a gift bag? nu uh. not for me! it’s all int he beauty. the creativity. it’s an art. & i live to perfect it at this time of year. =)

    • I wish you had your own twin, too! Isn’t Autumn working on some magic to get you one? 😉 We are fun, I agree and wish you lived closer! You are the expert gift wrapper by the sounds of it, I am mighty impressed. Getting to wrap gifts for everyone in the family…They would pay or bribe you. 🙂 That is so sweet, you were dubbed the Christmas elf in the family. I just love that one! 🙂

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