Those Reindeer’s Names… ~ by Gabby Angel

I was thinking about the names of Santa Claus’s reindeer. Who really remembers them all…I didn’t, so I looked them up actually!  Wonder if I should embarass myself to admitting to that one! Anyway, I kept coming up with only 7 of them, when I kind of had a hunch there were more.

It does kind of get confusing, how many reindeer are there anyway? For real there are technically 8 of them, honestly! Rudolph only got added after the Christmas song became popular. He wasn’t in the original bunch, kind of disgraceful when you think about it, right? Ha ha! Well he showed everyone, he became the most famous reindeer of all! He got to save the day with that cute little red nose of his.

According to “Twas the Night  Before Christmas“, the story clearly and seriously says 8 tiny reindeer. Go figure, and imagine how we can get confused. In talking to Autumn about this, I asked her if she remembered how a couple of our sisters actually got into an argument about this subject. This was when  they were very young… But it wasn’t pleasant to hear them start actually screaming at each other about it. Twinnie remembered, how could either of us forget that one? I won’t mention which two sisters got in the argument, anyone who has read my family memories will know. At their young girl ages, it was obviously of great importance and worth getting argumentive about. Not that either one of them ever needed any excuses! 😉

Anway, I am pondering and wondering…How many of you know the 8 reindeer names? I have a feeling most people will remember. I will name the 8 reindeer, now be honest and let Autumn and I know…Did you get all 8 names right? Again, no pressure, we twinnies are just being curious.

Ready for the list? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzten. There you have it… All 8 of those darling original reindeer names. I won’t even get started on how  Vixen is the one I left out of the bunch. 😉 🙂


Christmas song ~ by Autumn Sunshine

It’s time for a song my darling man

get your guitar and sing as loud as you can

Christmas songs

and right where we belong

Under the tree

it’s pretty as can be

So let’s sing a song …

You can chose the one

I’ll sing along

right or wrong

it’s just the spirit of fun

and we’ve begun

to count the days

and all the ways

this Christmas is the best of all

it’s ours,  so let’s deck these halls 😉

and belt out a tune so loud

that we will both be proud

to say “yes we did”

and we feel like kids

love makes that happen you know

love is a gift ….