The Christmas Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Look at this, she’s the one

the magic has just begun

for Christmas is here again

Our lovely fairy in green and red

flying all over she’s the one who has led

many an elf and every year she uses her stars

and travels all over, near and far

to make the magic stay alive and it’s her spells

that make so many happy and she rings the bells

so loud and so proud

she sails all around, you see

she’s fast as she can be

whirls and twirls

and what a girl!

She loves to make the world

a better place

see the smile upon her face?

Another Christmas of magic ….


8 thoughts on “The Christmas Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. If you have not already considered it, I suggest you apply to children’s book publishers with some of these wonderful works. They would be a delightful read, especially for the young whose imaginations are still keen and strong. You have such a lovely way with fashioning imagery that is at once bright and sweet, and I would be happy to place it in the hands of my children šŸ™‚

  2. aww, YES! another fairy one! =) i LOVE THESE AUTUMN! please keep writing & posting them! =) btw… i’m about to post something you & gabby are going to be mentioned in. thanks for all the support. you two & your site is such an inspiration. God bless

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