Snow Globes… ~by Gabby Angel

I always found snow globes  rather fascinating, so does Autumn. Wonder who doesn’t like snow globes, after all…They are just magical fun. If you don’t like snow globes, feel free to say so. Even if it will totally crush us twinnies! Kidding, we are all grown up…At least most of the time. 😉

What got me on the subject of snow globes? Wandering into my favorite local craft/gift shop. Trying to finish up the minor little details of the shopping for Christmas gifts. Never have I seen such a child so intrigued with a snow globe. I have many friends and family, seen happy and awed reactions…But this little boy was smitten with this snow globe. I stumbled (not literally) upon him sitting on the floor in the back section of the shop. His mother had wandered off to look at something else, not a good thing to do. I mean, come on now…Kids can move fast, can do unpredictable things and all that. Plus, it’s just not safe!

But, this little boy was quiet and lost in the magic of that snow globe and really behaving. I didn’t think he even noticed me, so I was surprised when he gave me a smile. Holding up the  snow globe (be careful cute little boy, it’s breakable!) he proudly announced “Look Bambi is inside here and it’s snowing“. That was so darn cute, I had to laugh. Of course I admired the snow globe, Bambi and all. The little boy told me his name was Tristan and we had a nice little chat for a few minutes and were joined by the shop owner and the missing mother.

Seems, Tristan’s mother had paid for her purchases and oops, forgot Tristan and realized he was gone when she reached her car! A very hectic time of the year, I felt sorry for her she was so embarassed and also quite teary eyed. The shop owner and I reassured her no harm was done and Tristan was safe after all. They paid for the snow globe and got ready to leave…Not until she apologized again. They left with friendly goodbyes, but she had a strong hold of Tristan’s hand!

Snow globes can be mesmerizing, that was one point of my relating this shopping adventure. Second point, please don’t get so busy, harried and worried about your shopping that you leave your child behind by mistake! Last but not least, third point…Let’s please do remember the reason for the season!

15 thoughts on “Snow Globes… ~by Gabby Angel

  1. I was relieved to read the happy ending and the little boy was cute in his love for the snow globe! I’ve also liked them; you’re right, there is just something magical about them. As to leaving your child behind, I know things happen, but I always had my children right beside me or hand in hand. I guess I’m proud to say that has never happened to me, but again, I’m glad they were reunited…thanks again, Gabby, for a wonderful Christmas story! 🙂

    • I was relieved for the happy ending, that little boy was adorable and loved that snow globe! They are magicial, and I love the snow globes, too. It did make me rather un-nerved about her seriously walking out without her child, it’s such a small town and it was a very small shop, but still! Lauren, you are one of the best Moms ever and I can only imagine how closely you guarded your children. 🙂 Just being an Aunt, I was always the exact same way because anything can happen! Thanks for enjoying this post and I hope I never see such a thing again either!

      • I love your ending line…and I hope you never experience that again, either. I try not to judge, but then I think, how can anyone let that happen? We’re all in busy moments, but we just hold tight to your little ones… 🙂

    • I don’t think my nerves could take another experience like that, for real. We aren’t judging, but honestly the little ones we should hold so closely. The woman was so embarassed and half crying, I doubt she will let her little boy out of her sight again! No matter how busy, the kids come first! 🙂

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