Do Santa’s Elves Have Names? ~ Gabby Angel

Do they, does anybody know the answer? Do Santa’s elves have names, what are they? We have heard about elves since forever, why aren’t any names ever mentioned? Hmm…I was just pondering and wondering about this one. I of course had to ask Autumn, she couldn’t think of  those elves names either. Surely we twinnies weren’t the only ones not to have a clue! Anyway, after getting Santa’s reindeer names all straight (and earlier post of mine), well the elves names popped into my mind. Again, my mind is a mystery even to me…Who knows where these thoughts come from?I don’t question my thoughts…Just happy I am thinking!
 It’s a fun subject anyway, sticking with my Christmas thoughts of late. In checking out the real facts I know, elves are magical, multi-talented and quite the help to Santa and even to Mrs. Claus.
In the movie “The Year Without a Santa Claus” the 2 elves featured were Jingle and Jangle. Wonder who knew or remembered that? I didn’t, but I haven’t watched the movie as of late to be quite honest. I also found out Santa is very up to date and computer savvy, as are the elves, who would have guessed? They receive e-mails from people, imagine that! Also they have been know to get some text messages. Wow! Of course some people do it the old fashioned way…They actually write a letter!
I digress as usual, back to the names. One place I checked mentioned the 6 names: Bushy Evergreen, Shinny Upatree, Winorslae, Pepper Minstix, Sugar Plum Mary and Alabaster Snowball. Kind of catchy don’t you think? Can’t decide which one I like better, can you? One other place I checked listed 9 elves names, seems to be a bit of a confusion about the number of elves. The 9 names I uncovered are: Red Elf, Blue Elf, Black Elf, White Elf, Yellow Elf, Green Elf, Brown Elf, Fire Elf and Moon Elf.
Keeping with the thought that elves are as different as humans and they come from all over the world. That makes sense, doesn’t it? There you have the facts I uncovered, is any of it true? I guess that is up to anyone who happens to be reading this! It’s up to all of you…Elves by whatever name are just plain magic. I for one am not going to question anything…It’s all in the magic of believing after all! 😉 🙂

10 thoughts on “Do Santa’s Elves Have Names? ~ Gabby Angel

  1. Thanks PJ, I think about the weirdest things sometimes! But, I thought this one was interesting. You take care of yourself, make sure to rest because we all want you feeling better! 🙂

  2. I like Pepper Minstix. i think it’s my favorite elf name for one of Santa’s helpers. The only other name I know is Buddy. But he really wasn’t an elf. He was a human! He thought he was an elf. Remember “Elf” with Will Ferrell?

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