Christmas Stockings and Other Ponderings… ~ Gabby Angel

That’s what I do a lot, I ponder and I wonder. 🙂 Well, there could be worse things I could be doing! Anyway, I was thinking about the Christmas stockings we had as kids. We faithfully hung them out before Christmas Eve and really did love those stocking  stuffers.

That leads me to my next question…How many of you kind readers got an orange, tangerine or other fruit in their stocking? Just wondering…We always did. I know Autumn and I would have missed it if we didn’t, it was just a comforting tradition to us. Wondering if that made us rather unusual? Oh well, like that would be a first for us! 😉 Other assorted cute little things went in our Christmas stockings.  Nothing as elaborate or exciting as kids these days expect. I took a poll among the nieces and nephews… So, I know these things and don’t hesitate to share them. 😉

The other thing I was pondering…Does everyone unwrap gifts on Christmas Day or Christmas morning? As kids, we unwrapped on the traditional Christmas morning. Strangely enough,  Dave and I carried on that tradition. I know sometimes things change from when you are at home as kids with Dad, Mom and the family. Then you grow up and get married for some people things change as you make your own traditons.

Another thing I was pondering… Hope all you kind readers also have all your Christmas shopping done!  Some people I know really do shop up until Christmas Eve…Too stressful I say. My years (and the twinnie’s, too) of retail taught me that one…It really was scary, as bad as Black Friday seriously. Maybe worse, because by December 24th everyone not done shopping is pretty panicked and just a bit frantic.

The ponderings and wonderings…Time to wrap them up! 😉 That was a pun, hope you all have your gift wrapping or gift bagging done! Get busy if you don’t, mine is done and so is Autumn’s…Well, that’s what the twinnie claims anyway. 😉 🙂


19 thoughts on “Christmas Stockings and Other Ponderings… ~ Gabby Angel

  1. The shopping will be very dangerous, I hope everyone is all finished up. Glad your gift bagging is done twinnie! 🙂 LOL, you better not be calling me for last minute help! 😉 TF <3=Twins Forever

  2. Great pondering, Gabby! Even with our kids now older, we still hang our stockings…I don’t remember ever finding fruit in mine, though, when I was little, but you know, that is not a bad idea…something to counteract all the sugar! 🙂

  3. Thanks Lauren, I do love to ponder. 🙂 Hanging stockings up is fun, even with the kids being older! I think the fruit in the stocking should nicely balance out all the sugar, too! 🙂

    • I hope you get the wrapping finished up today Sunshine. Your blog is very good reading and I will be back to visit soon! Thanks for visiting here, too and happy you enjoyed Autumn’s and my writing. 🙂

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