Christmas Kisses and Candy Canes ~ by Autumn Sunshine

What is your favorite?

Christmas Kisses or Candy canes,

All candies  are sure not the same

it’s all in the name

I have to vote for a kiss

those never miss

At holiday time it seems to me

that we all want a treat to be

better than all the rest

so make a choice or maybe try both

chocolate from Hershey’s

or peppermint canes

I hope this makes you smile

If only for a little while

both candies have style  😉


16 thoughts on “Christmas Kisses and Candy Canes ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. This is really cute, Autumn and we love peppermint bark, a little mix of both! Have you tried it? If not, you should, it’s really good if you like both chocolate and peppermint! Merry Christmas! xx

  2. Beautiful poem! Sad to say I’m so picky when it comes to sweets, not really big on chocolate, but you did make it sound very tempting! 🙂 Sweet poem from a sweet loving soul as yourself! God Bless You 🙂

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