The Day After Christmas…Gabby Angel

Who is out there shopping? It happens, December 26th all the Christmas items and more are on sale! This is another one I could never understand. Who wants to go out shopping the day after Christmas? Many people do, all the years of retail and later retail management taught me well.

Lots and lots of people just cannot tolerate passing up a good sale! I am  not finding fault, honestly I am not. It’s just the usual wondering and ponderings. I remember while we were busy marking down the Christmas merchandise, we were also busily putting out Valentine’s Day items.

Then, of course you hear the complaints of…But Christmas is just over. Why are we seeing Valentine’s Day things? That’s the magic world of retail, that’s the way it goes. Like I said, this one just something that crossed my mind.I know certain people in my own family that will be out there, too…Not Autumn or me! We are sensible, we will be doing the usual holiday things.

The question for the day is…Will you be out and about shopping today? Come on, you can share with us…The twinnie and I would love to know, as always. Some of you will need to be back to work. Others will be enjoying this holiday time in your very own way, so which will you be doing? We won’t be judging, you know us twinnies better than that!

Oops, on second thought…If you are indeed shopping you can’t answer this question. Maybe the temptation to find a good sale will be calling? That’s means  you won’t be reading this, well that’s OK…Let us know when you return from that fun shopping! 😉 🙂


A lot of Love ~ By Autumn Sunshine

We have a lovely romance

that wasn’t by chance

a time for many a dance

We have so much

and such

a lot of love to spare

lots of love to share

We dare …

Every day and in every way

we always say

I love you

it’s so true

and we know we do

have so much to be thankful for

Who could ask for more?

Take the time

to show your love

take a walk and look at the stars above

they twinkle and shine

like they know a rhyme

maybe they do …