Heavenly Falls ~ by Autumn Sunshine

The name is called Heavenly Falls

The birds sing their beautiful calls

the flowers bloom so bright

all is airy and light

The magic lives

and seems to give

the very place a shine

of gold and silver so fine

Those that visit stop and wonder

if that one noise is thunder …

hmmm, they say

and doesn’t seem to sound that way

So rumor has it’s a bowling game

and not so very tame

it’s the magic, the fairies and all

the angels, too

love Heavenly Falls

the place is so grand

and a pair of unicorns stand

or sometimes they dance

and prance

it’s a unicorn romance 😉

a lovely stop in the forest, it’s so

all that visit will always know

that no matter what goes

the magic will grow

and show

you how to smile …


16 thoughts on “Heavenly Falls ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. if i were to right a poem of words full of such pureity
    it would be like these words i have just read and seen
    which live and breath just like a beautiful hymn
    a joy to see and may i say well done
    for your beautiful words have made the day shine
    like ray of of hope your beacon shines so brightly
    to guide us with words you have written so beautifully

    congratulaions on a great poem from kevin

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