Time is Marching On… ~By Gabby Angel

We are so close to the New Year, time to say goodbye to 2011. A few short days and we will  be saying hello to 2012…Time really does march on. Whether we are ready for it or not, you can’t slow down, go back or change time. It has me thinking of  one thing as the New Year  is so close to being ushered on in. First, I am pondering the whole subject of  New Year’s resolutions…Why does anyone make them? Does anyone ever keep them?

Some people really do make a resolution, then get sad and discouraged when they don’t or can’t keep it. Well, you know what I am saying, right? Perhaps there really are some people who have the discipline to keep a resolution. You know the usual ones like lose weight, eat heathy, quit a bad habit, etc. Some people set goals, which is a good thing. The problem is some of these may become impossible to keep, for one reason or another.

I personally haven’t made a New Year’s resolution since 1999…What was it you ask? My husband Dave had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, Multiple Myeloma almost 7 months to day of January 1st. So my resolution (and his, too) was to look forward to the approaching bone marrow transplant, which would buy Dave some more time. That we would make 1999 and the years that followed really count. Dave had finished the chemotherapy, we were both very hopeful and things looked good. So we resolved to make 1999 a new start, and live each and every day the best, the happiest and to really mean something. Not take anything for granted, each other (not that we ever did) or any of our loved ones. We did silly things, fun things, things that would make good memories and I am not kidding…We lived and loved, our way through each passing day. It stayed pretty much that way, well until Dave lost the battle on May 30th of 2003. I won’t go into the details, they aren’t the issue and I don’t want to make this sad. I have written about Dave in other posts, so if you are interested you can read those.

The point that I am making, the 1999 New Year’s resolution was good and we kept rolling with that one. That was the most important  New Year’s resolution of my life and I don’t choose to make another one. Nothing else will ever be that earthshattering or life changing, at least not to me. There is nothing else in the big picture for me that is cause for a New Year’s resolution. That’s me, we all are very different. It just put things into a prospective for me personally. If you choose to make your own New’s Year’s resolution, go for it I say. These are my own thoughts only and my own personal ponderings about New Year’s resolutions.

I am curious though, who really is making a New Year’s resolution? If so, please do feel free to share. Also maybe if you would like, share your own thoughts or ponderings about the whole New Year’s resolution thing. I have asked Autumn, she isn’t making one. As we agreed, all we can say is…We will keep being the happiest and best we can be!


18 thoughts on “Time is Marching On… ~By Gabby Angel

  1. No resolutions for me, if you fail you just feel bad about it or you just forget about them completely. I would much rather make promises to myself throughout the year as they become appropriate. Why wait till January every year?

  2. I like making resolutions but they tend to be generic..rather than saying I will say lose weight..I will say ..I will try something new..may not be a major anything but could be as simple as doing what my friends may want..simple as seeing a movie I would not normally watch. I discovered the joy of RAK..random acts of kindness this year so resolve to do it more often… I resolve to make someone else’s life better if even for a moment. Yup I think RAKs may be it. Oh of course and lose 10 pounds before my Cuba vacation in Feb. So gotta do that one!

    • I like your idea of RAK’s, and the making someone’s life better if only for a moment! 🙂 You are going to Cuba, that is exciting Chris! If the 10 pounds to lose is important, I have a feeling you’ll do it because you seem quite determined. 🙂

  3. I may take stock of my life and see what I need to work on. But I don’t make resolutions. If I want to change, I can change today. I don’t need a new year to precipitate change.

  4. I think you are right, how could you make a meaningful resolution…when the one you made in 1999 was so full of Life, Love, and hope…anything else would dull in comparison. Happy New Year! I will blog tomorrow about my New Year’ resolutions. Be Well.

    • Thanks for understanding Jess, and also thanks for reading! No more New Year’s resolutions for me, but I respect others that choose to make them. I will make sure to read your blog tomorrow! 🙂 You be well, too.

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