Backwards Day is here!~~ by Gabby

Can you believe it? January 31st is another one of those wacky or bizarre holidays. One you won’t find on your calendar, by any means but celebrated by some people all the same. You really can find one for every single day of the month. Backwards Day…Do everything backwards, is it possible? Of course it isn’t, but you all knew that. It may be fun or amusing to do a few things backwards just to give it a whirl.

Walk backwards? Not for me, I would be running into things or falling all over the place! Come on, who can walk backwards gracefully? Talk backwards? My brain couldn’t process that one I’m afraid. Everything would come out complete gibberish, wonder if anyone can possibly do that? Write backwards? Maybe one word, I wouldn’t want to try for a whole sentence. I once saw a movie when the guy wrote the woman’s name he was trying to win over backwards on a wall. How romantic, show off a hidden talent for his love,  that was in a movie though! I believe it was said the actor had the talent of writing backwards…Well, maybe. That could have been highly exaggerated for publicity’s sake, how would we know? Wear your shirt backwards? No, just so not a good fashion statement!

It seems to me this said holiday is aimed for young children, they would find all these things fun. What about our inner child getting out there for Backwards Day? Not for me, I am not risking life, limb and sanity…My inner child is staying put for Backwards Day! She isn’t talking me into it, no way! I ask Autumn if she was going to try a backwards thing, she laughed! I take that as a definite No. So there we have it Backwards Day is here…Anybody going to give this backwards thing a whirl? If so, please do share! 🙂 😉


Healing Fairy ~ By Autumn Sunshine

She has the magic and the touch

she can heal so much

just give her a chance,

you will grow and learn

and let the goodness and health return

broken hearts can even heal

it’s part of the deal

the healing fairy can do a lot

and she will never be caught

she is magic through and through

and she wants to help you

just give it a try and you will see

she will be

on your side,

just don’t hide

the magic grows

and the healing will show

On the breeze the fairies whisper

Believe …
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Snowflake Facial… by Gabby

Who wants one? A snowflake facial, doesn’t that sound invigorating?  I know, you are all thinking I am talking about real snow, right? Perish the thought! That would be too cold and quite silly, think about it. 😉 I just had to do some  kidding there for a minute. 🙂 But, seriously… There really is a plant called the summer snowflake plant! That’s how the snowflake facial earned it’s named. Very misleading, I know! Want to know the other not so good part? It costs about $350 and upwards of more I believe if you have it done at their Beverly Hills spa. Who knows, all I do know is it is very expensive!

The snowflake plant is supposed to contain all these wonderous natural ingredients. They are claiming it’s better than botox and it’s needle free! Yay, let’s all go have one, who is with me? I think it’s just plain too much money, who agrees with me? There is a variety of products you can buy and do this at home yourself. They all look not too bad, until you get to the scary mask you will need to wear for a short time. It’s supposed to help the product work better. For some people they really might think of trying it, you never know. Everyone is different on their thoughts. Not being a fan of having botox or anything like that being done, maybe I am just too cynical about the whole concept. It doesn’t matter if it’s all natural ingredients and needle free. Well, I may need you kind readers to help me out.

Autumn has given me her thoughts, she might want to try out the snowflake facial. If she felt like tossing that kind of money around, which she doesn’t. Botox? To that the twinnie says no! Who has any thoughts to share about the snowflake facial concept? How about botox? I know, perhaps just a bit too personal. Please do forgive me if indeed I did get too inquiring….But sharing is fun!  Anyway, I did have to share and pass along the interesting name when I learned about the snowflake plant.The new happening snowflake facial, too…I would love to talk to someone that actually had one done though! Just for the sake of my curiosity and all…You know what I mean?

I did have to laugh when I told Autumn about the snowflake facial…Her first question, do  they use real snow? I have to admit…I did tease her for a few minutes and had  her going about it being real snow. I thought I was more of the gullible of us twinnies! 😉 Don’t worry I told her the truth right away and she laughed, a lot! So, no snowflake facials or botox  for the twinnies and that’s our final word! 🙂 🙂

You call me Sunshine ~by Autumn Sunshine

You’re allowed to call me that name

the same

one my Dad once called me

The only man I say, it’s OK, it’s you

it’s really true

You always knew

I thought you special and fine

the kind

I say, “I do” with…

As we walk along the path of life

My forever man and I am your wife

Your eyes meet mine with that silly grin

How can we not win?

You are the other half of me, my heart

and as we start

along on our way

Tomorrow and today

We have the bond of joy so strong

always will belong

together and loving our way

into the future…

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Wisdom Quotes ~by Gabby

I was browsing through the quotes about wisom. It’s something we all long for…Wisdom. If we are very blessed we do become wise as we move through this life. I hope you all enjoy these quotes, I really did! 🙂
1. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.~~Alfred Lord Tennyson
2.There is a wisdom of the head and…wisdom of the heart~~Charles Dickens
3.We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future~~George Bernard Shaw
4.A single conversation with a wise man is better than years of study~~Chinese Proverb
5.A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom~~Robert Frost
6.By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; And third by experience, which is the bitterest~~Confusius
7.Cleverness is not wisdom~~Euripides
8.The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind~~Ella Wheeler Wilcox
9.Patience is the companion of wisdom~~St. Augustine
10.The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom~~Issac Asimov

The Water Nymph ~ by Autumn

She lives in a magic cove

she knows, and she shows

that the wonders of the sea

will always be

a mystery to the human eyes

what a surprise

they seldom see

that magic that can be

seen in the water and waves

only the few and the brave

will be open to change

and be glad to rearrange

what they thought was just chance

and actually see a water  nymph dance

she sings

she brings

joy and hope and light

so bright

beams of sun

it’s all just begun

So open your eyes and see

and the magic that can be

by the land or the sea

whispers on a wing and a prayer …

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I Tried to Resist!

I tried this year, I really tried to resist. Oh, what am I talking about you ask? Guess it  would be wise to explain the strange title! What was I trying to resist…The call of American Idol. But, just like every year I say I was not going to get sucked into watching. It can be heartwrenching watching some of those kids getting voted off. So, alas I have failed…I can’t control myself. I simply love music so, so very much and every year I have found a new talent.

The tryouts can be horrible, if any of you watch you know what I’m saying! I could also say it’s my slight crush on Steven Tyler, but this is only his second season as a judge. For an older man he is pretty awesome, in my humble opinion only of course. I was disappointed years ago to discover he had changed his real last name, it is Tallarico. Being Italian, I wish he would have kept that last name! Steven really is one gifted musician and there’s just something about that look of his…I love the way he dresses and his hair! Those feathers and all woven in are just somehow appealing. I said only a slight crush, the Twinnie chuckles over that term! It’s not serious, it’s not like he’s obtainable after all! I just find him rather endearing as a judge and I can’t help it… He’s just very kind and all to those contestants.

On a serious side note, my  husband Dave was the best and only musician for me, for all time…But he is rocking in Heaven now. That is being totally and completely honest. I have watched and endured Simon Cowell…He’s mellowed a bit. Paula Abdul, what can one say about Paula? She does have a good heart, she really does. Some of those years on American Idol I actually found myself telling Simon off  while watching on TV. Yes, I confess I also watched the first ever season of the X-Factor,  too. I am so in it all for the music!

My 2 favorite years of American Idol, the year Elliott Yamin was on and the Danny Gokey year. They both came in third, which of course I felt was insane. They both clearly should have won, but they both are successful. I love both their music and own it all. Just listen to me, here I am  going on and just rambling up a storm. Another season of American Idol has arrived…Yes I will be watching, I cannot tell a lie! Autumn will sadly not be watching with me, she stopped watching the year Bucky Covington was voted off, the same year Elliott was on. Bucky made the Top Ten and the Twinnie has met him in person 3 times! So did I and that identical twin of his Rocky. Never mind…She still holds a grudge against American Idol and will forevermore! Who is watching? Any of you kind readers with me? Do feel free to share if you please! Rock on is all I have to end this post with!! 🙂 😉

The Clouds by Autumn

Do you ever watch the clouds floating in the sky?

a lot to see, as they whirl right by

some are fluffy and ever so white

some are blue and very light

so much  can I see

so many that can be

this or that

a dog a cat

a hat or bat

a dragonfly with wings

look up, the guessing begins

the clouds are passing over head so fast

none that will last

So take a look

you may get hooked

on watching the clouds

floating by …


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Celebrated Food and Drink for January… by Gabby

Yes, I am serious. 🙂 There really a few foods for January that get celebrated. Well, probably not by most…I am not clear on how well this has caught on. It’s just another interesting and kind of fun thought to ponder, I really do love pondering! 😉 I also just love sharing, too…Guess you all noticed that!  Anyway, it’s Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month and last but not least, National Oatmeal Month. All comforting foods and also drink, so good choices for this month of January.

Here in our area of the country it is below zero temperatures again…We want warmth. We want it now! 🙂 Hot tea is nice of course, I like it but also love my coffee. Now, the twinnie is addicted to her chai tea, so she celebrates this every day. How many of you just love a nice cup of tea of any kind, any flavor? Do you have a favorite?

Now, on to the celebrated Soup, another very nice food for warming us up! Favorites…So many to choose from, aren’t there? I couldn’t pin down a favorite to be honest, but they need to be homemade! In my reading, I discovered Chicken Noodle was the top favorite…Not that big of a surprise, right? 😉 What others made the cut as favorites? Tomato soup, Chili, Minestrone, Vegetable with or without meat, Beef Stew, Chowders of any variety. Those are only a few, who has a favorite…Care to share? I really am partial to Lentil soup, Minestrone and Italian wedding soup, so is Autumn…We like almost any of the soups quite honestly.

Lastly, we come to oatmeal…I bet some of you reall ydislike this stuff, just a hunch. The flip side some of you really like it, right? I am in the Like category and so is Autumn. Toss in any kind of fruit, maybe some brown sugar, maybe honey and it’s good. The best news, it is good for all of us, too! We can also bake up some oatmeal cookies, for those who don’t like your oatmeal in a bowl. 😉

There you have the celebrated food and drink of the month of January! Hopefully, you kind readers enjoyed yet another food blog. Any thoughts, opinions or favorites of the above 3 choices? Or are you too busy running to the kitchen for a snack? 😉 🙂

More today … by Autumn

I love you more today

than I did yesterday

yes it’s really true

more than I ever knew

possible, you see

back to you and me

the love that was meant to be

you said you do, and so do I

our love will never die

building castles in the sky

a dream that happened very fast

is meant to last

a journey into the past

it only means we loved in another time

ageless  rhyme

it happens as we know

and as we show

our smiles and joy

we just look at the stars

it was written there, many years ago …

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