Earrings…I Never Leave Home Without Them ~By Gabby Angel

I admit it…I am hopelessly addicted to earrings! 🙂 What prompted this thought and this sharing? Well, I set off with several errands to do earlier today and I had forgotten to put in a set of earrings! I have this quirky thing, I don’t feel completely dressed without a pair of earrings. Boring me, I am one of the few who have only one hole pierced in each ear.

Autumn and I had our ears pierced by a favorite Aunt who was a nurse by pro fession. We were 15 years old, a little bit older than some…But our parents wanted to be sure we were old enough to be responsible. Can’t blame them for that…But the beast they unleashed when allowing me my piereced ears! I will confess the twinnie isn’t quite as bad as me with this earring addiction. Even having 3 holes pierced in each of her ears. Me, I am always on the lookout for a new and interestingly different and unusual pair.

I own so many, maybe close to a hundred and fifty last count… way too many to count  for this writing. My husband Dave also was good at finding unusual earrings for me. He sure did add to my collection over the years! Well, as I mentioned I never leave home without my earrings in…I was in a rush earlier and did forget. How does this affect me? I feel not quite pulled together and slightly off. I was only traveling 8 or 9 miles and making only a few stops…I would be OK wouldn’t I? Silently still berating myself for forgetting the earrings I walked into the post office, needing to pick up a package and some stamps. Luckily the postal clerk working was a girl I know, like a guy would understand my tale of woe. 😉 Jan was close to my age, so we had a little chat about my forgotten earrings. Thankfully she knows me, someone else would have thought me completely unbalanced perhaps. Jan reassured me it was going to be OK, but admitted she always looks forward when seeing me of what my earrings of the day would be. They are after all, a signature look for me…I left still feeling unsettled.

I drove up the road for several miles, when off to my right I noticed my favorite craft/gift shop was opened! I would just go in and browse and maybe find a pair of earrings. 🙂 Oh my, am I just slightly neurotic sounding? I hope not, anyway I can’t seem to help myself. 😉 Natalie’s is a cool shop with a little bit of everything and one of my favorite places, run by a very sweet person who I always adore seeing. The bell on her door signaled my arrival and she smiled brightly and we greeted each other with a hug. It had been several weeks since I had stopped in, a bit longer than usual. I told her of the earrings forgotten and she chuckled, Natalie knows well my obsession.

She laughed  saying a pair of earrings had come in the day before and had made her think of me and she had been tempted to call me about them. I must see them of course I said…happily walking with her to the earring display. Before Natalie could point them out, I spotted them…Those were meant for me and calling my name! Long strands of sterling silver with tiny pieces of rose quartz and several hearts, I loved them and must have them and they obviously were destined to be mine. Well within my budget, too…so I put them in my ears immediately and paid for them. Natalie and I chatted for 15-20 minutes and caught up a bit on things happening in our lives. Not exactly a planned stop for me, but I was now calm and back to my serene self. We hugged goodbye and I was grateful to have found Natalies shop open earlier than usual and to have gotten to have a lovely chat with her. As well as picked up my destined earrings!

Handmade earrings in sterling silver, glass, a...

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Back to my car and off to finish my other errands. The rest of my little trip went fine and I was back home before I knew it. Now, I must end this post…I have to go count my earrings! 😉 I am kidding, but by now you are possibly  thinking Autumn is perhaps the more normal twin of the two of us twinnies! 🙂 😉


18 thoughts on “Earrings…I Never Leave Home Without Them ~By Gabby Angel

    • Lol about the earring addiction being harmless! 🙂 It’s probably not exactly the worst thing I could have going, right? I bet anyone reading this will think I’m nuts, maybe I shouldn’t have told of my serious earring addiction! 😉 TF <3=Twins Forever

  1. Hilarious, but I know how you feel about missing something when you use to having it on you all the time. lol I feel the same way when I dont feel like im complete and walking around naked. Good thing you find you beautiful ear rings! 🙂

    • I’m glad you understand what I meant completely PJ! 🙂 It is weird when you’re used to having something on and it’s not there. I was happy to find the new earrings, too! I have decided I should carry a pair in my purse so it never happens again, lol! 🙂

  2. I love earrings too. I don’t have 150+ pairs but I did get a new jewelry box for Christmas so I could organize the ones I have. I am glad you found a new pair to add to your collection. It was meant to be!

    • I’m so happy to hear you love earrings Lori. You need to fill up that new jewelry box, it really is good to stay organized. I also think it was meant to be, I love these new earrings! 🙂

  3. I am not exactly an ear ring person but then i am always in phases some days its earings some days its a good neck peice but whatever it is i do feel a bit out of place if i am not wearing it….so get you completely…
    its funny the way you put it and loved reading every bit of it and the earing looks lovely too..and yes I too believe there are books,clothes, ear rings, neck peices all with our name written on it.:-)

    • Thanks so much for reading and also enjoying it Soma. That is so true, all the things you mentioned do have our names on them, we are meant to have them. I was worried after I wrote this maybe nobody would understand but you understood! 🙂

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