Fairy Tales and Memories.. by Gabby Angel

I was talking to Autumn about this fairy tale thing and we were sharing some of our thoughts and memories. We twinnies had our favorites, as did our four younger sisters. What kicked off the memory was seeing a set of the girl fairy tale books on sale. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel…And the list goes on and on! We had so many to choose from and the twinnie and I read them all…

Our favorites? That’s hard to nail one down, I was partial to Cinderella…The glass slipper and the whole thing. How romantic, the prince saved her from that evil stepmother and sisters. They were all just shameful to her after all…I know it was pretend! Autumn’s favorite, she was torn between Snow White and Rapuzel and also The Princess and the Pea. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her…Sometimes that’s how the twinnie is, what can I do with her?

We did have a good old laugh over a shared memory of two of our sisters fighting over the one part in Snow White. You all know what I’m going to say…I just have that feeling you all do. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Who’s the fairiest of them all? Well, those two sisters had a nice  sized hand held mirror each. They went around shoving those mirrors in us poor  twinnies faces and asking the famous question. It was cute at first, but then got annoying, you know what I mean? It didn’t matter if they asked who was the fairest of them all, they turned the mirror back to themselves! So, of course they were the fairest of them all…The mirror said so! Then, they would break into the laugh like the Evil Queen…Those girls got that laugh mastered pretty well!

Autumn and I tried getting them interested in other fairy tales, so did our Mom and even our Dad. We were all getting weary of the hand held mirrors in our faces, yes they actually pulled it on Mom and Dad a few times! That was getting rather bold and gutsy, wasn’t it?

What finally ended the mirrors and the whole deal? Well, unfortunately one of the little sisters got a bit rowdy with the other one, insisting she was the fairest.Before we could stop them…Oops, a crash. They were acting like the mirrors were swords…Both of them hit the floor and broke! That was the last we heard about “Who was the fairest of them all!” 😉 🙂


24 thoughts on “Fairy Tales and Memories.. by Gabby Angel

  1. I got a laugh about this one, that “mirror mirror” jazz was very annoying, it seems funny now. I gotta admit it was a bit silly of them 😉 lol, too bad the mirrors broke 😉 TF ❤ = Twins Forever

    • It was one of the more annoying incidents, wasn’t it? 😉 Those two little sisters made for some real excitement around our house and it’s funny looking back now. 🙂 lol

  2. I so love when you share the stories of when you and your sister was younger. I always have a good laugh about it all. lol I believe my or one of my favorties was Beauty and the Beast and Cinderalla. Oh yea Aladdian. lol I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something. 🙂

    Can’t say the part about the mirror part is funny because its not, dangerous

    • Thank you so much PJ, I will try to write more stories about our younger days. 🙂 Those are good fairytales you picked, I know there are so many of them! Do you mean the mirrors breaking was dangerous? It was PJ you are right, but thankfully nobody got hurt! 🙂

  3. Couldnt help smile its so cute love the way you share leafs of your life…..oh i loved Cinderella and secretly wished for a stepmother and evil sisters if that could get me the handsome prince…
    lately it has been mirror mirror on the wall why do you make me look so fat..

    • I am glad you had a smile Soma. I do love sharing, growing up with my twin sister Autumn and then 4 younger sisters it was always something going on! You loved Cinderella, too and wanted to find your prince…Hopefully you did or will someday! I found mine and lost him to cancer 8 years ago, I’ve written about him here in several posts because it does help to share. By the way, I am sure your mirror isn’t saying any such thing! We are all too hard on ourselves so often, aren’t we? Take care Soma and thank you for reading this! 🙂

  4. I never did the “Mirror, Mirror” on the wall thing. My sister, my only sister, is ten years younger than myself. When I was 16 she was 6. Suffice it to say, I always considered her the fairest of them all! I loved having a younger sister, FINALLY, with two brothers in between us I figured it was about time!

    • I’m happy you finally got a younger sister! Autumn and I have 4 younger sisters, so 6 of us in all and no brothers, busy household it was. 🙂 You probably were tired of being the only girl with the two brothers though! 🙂

    • I was very happy. On my mom’s side I was the only girl. Having a baby sister was a treat. I took her everywhere, even in high school to the child development class because kids were allowed in the class. It was great! We are still close! Did you ever want a brother?

      • That is so nice to hear that you and your little sister are still close. 🙂 I always wanted a brother, so did Autumn. We were very blessed growing up with boy cousins who were like brothers and we still are very close. 🙂

        • I had favorite cousins, boys, as a kid too, We grew apart as we grew older and living far away from each other made it hard too. I haven’t seen them in a long time. Years. I am glad you are still close to your cousins. 🙂 They can be a lot of fun!

        • I am sorry you haven’t stayed close to your guy cousins. It’s hard when you live so far apart though, send them an email and say Hi! I know, I am blessed our cousins are still close by! 🙂

        • It was hard, we always lived across the country from each other, then growing up, having families. Kept everyone busy! I say hi to them on FB, one reason I do like FB, being able to say hi to a family that is spread out all over the country. 🙂

        • I know it really is difficult to connect when everyone lives all over the country! We all get busy with our lives it seems. I am glad you can keep touch with them on FB! 🙂

  5. lol that was a funny story. I can so relate with you guys since I am a twin myself. I do get the “who’s smarter between the two of you” and “who’s the evil one between the two”. That used to always get me and the other question I couldn’t stand was the “do you guys have esp or something, like can you tell if the other one is crying or something when your far away?”….what kind of dumb question is that? has that ever happened to you guys? Thanks Gabby for visiting my blog. Stay Blessed sisters! It’s a pleasure to meet you guys. 😀 😀 <– two smiles for the both of you.

    • Thanks so much Nightshade for reading and liking this one! 🙂 You are a twin, too…Then you totally understand some of the wacky questions we twins get! All our lives we’ve been asked those questions, too. It was a pleasure to visit your blog, I really enjoyed it. Also nice getting to meet you and you stay blessed, too and thanks for the two smiles! 🙂

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