Cold Weather and Snow Flurries ~ By Gabby Angel

OK, so it stopped snowing on our blog, kind of sad to see it go actually. However, it’s been snow showers and lots of flurries here. Very cold temperatures, but no real snow accumulation…Yet! It’s winter in Pennsylvania, so it’s to be expected, right? I really do try not to complain, all the complaining in the world isn’t going to change the weather! Trust me if it did, I would be the biggest and whinest of complainers!

Anyway, I have a nice selection of long coats, berets, gloves, scarves and boots, so I am staying warm. As well as staying fashionable…It’s better to look on the upside or the positive of things in my opinion. You know, the glass really is always half-full!  Everyone I’ve talked to, which is a good sized amount of people and they have all been just obsessed with the weather.For one reason or another, it’s the main topic going it seems. I had to laugh today when chatting with some neighbors.The husband is bummed out because it hasn’t snowed enough to use his snowblower yet. The flip side is his wife hates the snow, she doesn’t want to leave the house until spring or at the very least go visit relatives in Florida!

Although, to be quite honest the majority of people just aren’t happy with the sudden serious dip to single digit numbers though. The other thing I have noticed is the let down from the holidays being over, that’s to be excepted I suppose. It doesn’t affect me that way, it’s a fun time getting ready for the holidays and enjoying them. But when it’s all over, it’s nice to have things calm down. That is my humble opinion only of course and I do feel sorry for those who are genuinely sad to see the festivities end. Autumn is OK with the holidays being over and also with the weather, she is like minded about going with the flow. So, that is a relief, the twinnies are on the same wave length!

Shoveling things out isn’t looked forward to exactly, but it goes with the territory…Acceptance is a good thing, isn’t it? Anyone living in the colder regions, what are your thoughts? If you would like to share, that would be nice and very welcomed, as always. Do you enjoy the colder weather, looking forward to the snow? Have you had much snow in your area? Or are you just not happy with this and wanting spring to get here quickly?

Those of you living in the warmer regions…You can let us know your opinions, too. 🙂 Just please do refrain from gloating! 😉 🙂


Hearts Entwined ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Hearts entwined

and so refined

yours and mine

lovely life and oh so fine

it was right from the start

you won my heart

we will never be apart

joined in love, a special bond

we are so very fond

of saying that, forever more

so totally sure

love endures

when hearts are entwined like this

another kiss

another smile so true

I love you …

whispered on the wings of the doves

we know that it’s written above

in the stars

so far

but we have our hearts

entwined and refined

it  really and truly was written

in the stars …