Cold Weather and Snow Flurries ~ By Gabby Angel

OK, so it stopped snowing on our blog, kind of sad to see it go actually. However, it’s been snow showers and lots of flurries here. Very cold temperatures, but no real snow accumulation…Yet! It’s winter in Pennsylvania, so it’s to be expected, right? I really do try not to complain, all the complaining in the world isn’t going to change the weather! Trust me if it did, I would be the biggest and whinest of complainers!

Anyway, I have a nice selection of long coats, berets, gloves, scarves and boots, so I am staying warm. As well as staying fashionable…It’s better to look on the upside or the positive of things in my opinion. You know, the glass really is always half-full!  Everyone I’ve talked to, which is a good sized amount of people and they have all been just obsessed with the weather.For one reason or another, it’s the main topic going it seems. I had to laugh today when chatting with some neighbors.The husband is bummed out because it hasn’t snowed enough to use his snowblower yet. The flip side is his wife hates the snow, she doesn’t want to leave the house until spring or at the very least go visit relatives in Florida!

Although, to be quite honest the majority of people just aren’t happy with the sudden serious dip to single digit numbers though. The other thing I have noticed is the let down from the holidays being over, that’s to be excepted I suppose. It doesn’t affect me that way, it’s a fun time getting ready for the holidays and enjoying them. But when it’s all over, it’s nice to have things calm down. That is my humble opinion only of course and I do feel sorry for those who are genuinely sad to see the festivities end. Autumn is OK with the holidays being over and also with the weather, she is like minded about going with the flow. So, that is a relief, the twinnies are on the same wave length!

Shoveling things out isn’t looked forward to exactly, but it goes with the territory…Acceptance is a good thing, isn’t it? Anyone living in the colder regions, what are your thoughts? If you would like to share, that would be nice and very welcomed, as always. Do you enjoy the colder weather, looking forward to the snow? Have you had much snow in your area? Or are you just not happy with this and wanting spring to get here quickly?

Those of you living in the warmer regions…You can let us know your opinions, too. 🙂 Just please do refrain from gloating! 😉 🙂


20 thoughts on “Cold Weather and Snow Flurries ~ By Gabby Angel

    • We have been blessed so far with no snow accumulating though, winter in PA is not the most fun. It could probably be a lot worse, let’s not complain twinnie! 😉 The pictures are very pretty, I do agree! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  1. The cold makes me so achy, but I appriciate the season as it gives good break from the heat, I am very blessed to experience all 4 seasons here in CO. May fave is the summer the sun the afternoon storms that cool it all off, it’s great. today was unusually warm here for this time of year…I am thankful all the same. Good post.-watw

    • I know it really is a break from the heat, the 4 seasons are a blessing to me, too. You are in CO, what a beautiful place! 🙂 That’s nice it was warmer than usual there today, I think we do have to be thankful no matter what we get. One thing we can’t change is the weather! 🙂

  2. Well you know it don’t snow here, but I was so glad to have some warm weather today, because another day of it I believe I would find myself in ER ( please don’t worry) I’m feeling much better then I have been feeling in a few days! YAY! I hope you and Autumn stay warm! 🙂 God Bless 🙂

    • I know you don’t get snow there, but I was concerned it was too cold for you PJ and glad it warmed up! I love how you put “don’t worry”, Autumn and I both try not to worry about you…It’s hard not to though. Instead we need to pray for the weather to be kind and you stay out of the ER and all. It is so good to hear you are feeling better than you have in days PJ and hope you stay that way! Both Autumn and I will be staying warm, I promise. God Bless you, too! 🙂

  3. Gabby, You probably don’t want to hear about the weather here in Phoenix the last week.
    Stay warm!!
    Oh and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, another holiday to celebrate with chocolate candy. Yum!

    • I can imagine Phoenix is very warm and I know you can’t stand being cold. So, it’s OK Lori and I will stay warm and winter will be over before we know it. Another holiday for chocolate, Yay and Valentine’s Day is not too far away! That cheers me up! 🙂

  4. Living here in Toronto,Canada is Cold as ever hun. I truly understand though about the negative digits happening. The funny thing is that when it does snow here, the weather is warmer than without snow. So for me it’s a catch twenty-two, I don’t want to see snow and yet it’s freezing without it. lol. However, you can’t argue with nature right? Just gives us a reason to go shopping ;). Hope you have a blessed winter that is hopefully short lived. If snow means a pleasant summer then bring it on…but if it doesn’t make a difference, then something’s gotta give lol 😀

    • I can just imagine, Canada is probably very cold! That is so true about it being warmer when it snows, what a catch twenty-two indeed! You are right, we sure can’t argue with nature. It is a good reason to go shopping, isn’t it? 🙂 I hope you, too have a blessed and short lived winter…Just stay warm Nightshade! 🙂

  5. Oh how I miss winters with at least a little snow! It’s been hitting around 80 here and I’m already back to sleeveless shirts and flipflops! Not gloating, I swear 🙂 it’s actually sad that’s it’s already so warm, I was really enjoying being able to wear jackets and sweaters for a couple weeks. Plus it’s a sign that summer is going to be way hot this year!! 😦

    • I think I would miss the four seasons,too and even the snow. You do have a point, if it’s already 80 degrees the summer could possibly be really hot for you.We just can’t control the weather and I feel bad you are missing winters and a little snow. I knew you weren’t gloating, I was kidding about that honest! 🙂

  6. This Time Delhi has been colder than western europe but it doesnt snow here..oh how I wish it would…i usually enjoy all the seasons but winter is my favourite all the snuggling in front of fire chatting late into nights, holidays, sharing stories with my kid..its fun:-)

    • You don’t get snow and you would like some Soma! 🙂 I guess it would be strange to never have the snow, I am used to all of the seasons living here in PA all my life. It is nice being all cozy in front of the fire, sounds like you have a good time of it! 🙂

  7. Well, actually, it’s been warm here, too, and I’m missing the winter! We don’t get snow, but a little would be nice, although, right now, rain would be welcomed! 🙂 It’s been unseasonably warm this winter..

    • You would even be welcoming rain Lauren? It’s weird when it’s unseasonably warm though, you have to wonder what you’re in for! I promise not to complain about the cold or the snow because I know I would miss it. So far, no real accumulation and that it unusual here, too. I hope you get a little of your winter soon Lauren! 🙂

      • I love the rain, although, when there is a great abundance, then it gets tiring, but I love winters…the coziness, candlelight, fires, etc. I do love summer, though, but I’m not in that mind set. I know it sounds funny! 🙂

  8. I love the rain, too but we were getting just a bit much here before, so I think I know what you’re saying! The winter should be cozy and I am not ready for the summer time yet either. Of course for PA that is more than a few months away! It doesn’t sound funny how you described it Lauren, don’t worry! 🙂

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