An Enchanted Tree ~ By Autumn Sunshine

In the magic tree, there is a watch you see

guess what it does for free?

It can turn back time

isn’t that fine?

Only once though

So make your wish just so

say it loud

and stand up proud

you will hear a whirling sound

hear the magic all around?

wish away and I bet you already knew,

it will come true

so where in time did you wish to go

only a short while or don’t you know

take a minute or more to decide

and for heaven’s sake don’t hide!

It’s all just for fun

so don’t run

the magic has begun

it’s your turn to begin

Just look, you win!

22 thoughts on “An Enchanted Tree ~ By Autumn Sunshine

  1. If I only had one wish and one time that I’d like to go back to, what would it be?????? I love this! Love the pic too. I think there are many times in our lives where we wish we could turn back the hand of time. Lovely poem Autumn. 🙂

  2. I love the realm you write of…it’s refreshing to see you see the magic all around us too..Blessings my dear friend. great piece here.

  3. Well, we both know what my wish would be. Go back in time to when Dave was still alive and well… Before evil cancer. Sorry that is sad to announce, but you had to know I would say it, right? This is a beautiful and magic poem twinnie, I love it! 🙂 TF <3=Twins Forever

  4. beautiful poem Autumn….
    a very nice topic…..if i were given one chance to go back in time….i would return to the days when my first love was still with me…:'(

    • Thanks so much, Connie 🙂 I think we all have the kid inside that loves the magic 🙂 I think also that kids would love this “magic”. It’s just fun to take us out of the normal everyday stuff and have a smile or laugh. I’m glad you’re back, and hope your holidays were nice. Hugs, Autumn

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