Memories of My Grandparent’s House… ~ by Gabby Angel

Driving by the place where my paternal grandparent’s house once stood…So many memories came flooding back. I was used to seeing the huge empty space where the house stood for so many years. The house had been sold, both grandparents are gone and in  Heaven now. The beautiful house and land was sold to a seemingly normal couple, until they decided to separate. Then, unfortunately the husband decided to torch the house. Rather than haggle over ownership, that was his not too wise and drunken decision.It was truly heartbreaking to see the empty shell of what was left of the house.

So, for several years the land has been vacant. But driving by today, I noticed a foundation was laid and a house was being built! I hope it’s a nice family and that they are happy, loving people. The land itself is just so welcoming and holds wonderful memories…It calls for people who love life and each other. I remember so many times when Autumn and I walked the greenhouses, hotbeds and all with our Grandpa.

He had such a magic touch with plants of any kind and also flowers. He was well known in our area for the best of produce, he just growing things and it was how he made his living. Nobody ever knew what he did to grow such things…He had a secret ingedient and he never divulged what it was! We twinnies loved hanging out with him, he was just very special and such fun. We were his bambinos and of course we could do no wrong in his eyes.

Our grandparents were both Italian, they were our Dad’s parents…Oh my goodness did they love lots of family around, a good party and happy times had by all.Our Grandma loved to cook up a storm, creating her own magic and sharing her food made with love. So many memories of outside parties and picnics, good food, great music and just an awesome time. The whole area surrounding the house was filled some relatives lived and neighbors who were like family, too. I just know Autumn and I have happy fun-filled memories and we will be watching.

The family who is taking ownership, they need to treat it with the love and care it calls for. I don’t know why… But I have a good feeling they will be. Something just tells me those Grandparents of ours are watching closely from Heaven and approved this family!


19 thoughts on “Memories of My Grandparent’s House… ~ by Gabby Angel

  1. I love the love, honor, and godly foundation you spoke over this new home being built and over the lives of the people in it, did you know you did that?…there is much power in what you have just done and a family will live because of the faith you wittnessed to here. God bless you for speaking light into the darkness I will include your thoughts in this post in my prayers. What a loving memory, thank you. God bless. -watw

    • That is just beautiful! I wasn’t aware I was doing that, just speaking from my heart and praying it would happen…That a good family would live there. Thank you so much for including my thoughts in this post in your prayers. See watw, your heart is so loving and so aware, God Bless you, too! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing yet another lovely story of when you was younger. I hope they take good care of your grandparents land as well. 🙂 It sad someone torch the once beautiful home that use to be there.

    • I’m so happy you liked it PJ and it was such a pleasure to share! I have a good feeling the new family will take good care of my grandparents land. It was sad the guy got drunk and just torched the house so his wife wouldn’t get it in a divorce settlement. The only blessing was that nobody was injured or in the house at the time. Take care of yourself PJ, stay well and behave! I was so glad to hear you are feeling better! 🙂

  3. I love reading memoirs it tell so much more about a person than the ‘about me’ page….its sad that the place which was full of memories and happy moments was torched…you are right your grandparents are watching and that someone decided to make it a beautiful place is like been blessed by your granparents so that when ever you see that place you smile:-)

    • It was sad the place that had such happy, wonderful memories was torched. Knowing that my grandparents are watching and have blessed this rebuilding makes me happy. I am sure it will now be a loving family and it will also bring a smile to see the place. Thanks for loving memories Soma, I do put my heart and soul into the writing! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this story. How nice to have those good memories of grandparents. My grandma holds a real special meaning to me, too. I do hope the new house and family have many good memories and times there, too. (How sad the house was burned down, too!) But I am sure it will be nice to see what these new persons will do with their house as you drive by, too. Take care Gabby and thanks for visiting my web page recently, too. Have been busy over the holidays and I do hope I can get back to wordpress more, too. Bye for now. Sincerely, Connie

    • I know my grandparents were a blessing and all the wonderful memories were, too. That is so nice your grandma holds a special meaning and a good memory for you too, Connie. Praying the new house and the family will make sure it is a happy place again. It was a pleasure to visit your blog Connie, we missed you but I know how busy the holidays get. Hoping you have time to write again soon, too. You take care, too! Hugs, Gabby

  5. Great job Gabby! I nominated you guys back on the Candle Lighter Award 🙂 You don’t have to take it again but I wanted to give you the honors on my list anyway. Blessings and love, Terri

    • Thanks so much Terri both for reading this post as well as the Candle Lighter Award. It was so thoughtful and kind of you to think of Autumn and me. Blessings and love back to you! Gabby

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