Lucky Charms ~ by Gabby Angel

No, I am not talking about the cereal either! 😉 Although, I could ponder on the fact that there is really a cereal called Lucky Charms…Where do they come up with those cereal names anyway? Cute as can be those little marshmallow pieces, it does reel the kids in doesn’t it? Oh my goodness I started to digress before I get to my title and just what I am talking about.
Back on track…Who actually has a lucky charm? Do you believe in them? Does anyone carry one with them at all times? Do you simply have to have your lucky charm and if you lost it, oh no! Why am I writing about this today? Well, a friend of both Autumn’s and mine lost her lucky charm a few days ago. We twinnies heard all about it, what is our friend R.’s lucky charm? It’s a set of angel wings she always kept on her key chain, she had them for years and she considers them her lucky charm so to speak. I am not superstious, neither is the twinnie and we don’t have lucky charms…Sorry to disappoint!
Anyway, our friend R. was just plain ripping everything apart looking for it and just so distraught. I was ready to head over to help her search, she only lives about 5 miles away. My other thought was to try and find a replacement set of angel wings, but that wouldn’t have set well with R. she HAD to have the orginal and wouldn’t take kindly to a new set. I also wasn’t dumb enough to tell her they may be lost forever either.I am no fool, when it comes to certain things R. does denial quite well.I had already reminded her, that her angels were always around her. Yeah, she knew that but husband G. had gotten them for and they were special!
 So, I was getting ready to head out the door, anything to help out a friend, right? My phone rings and it’s R. again and she was all calmed down! Yay, her teenage son to the rescue…He had found the angel wings in her car! Peace was restored and R. had settled down from the panic attack and mad search she was on. We talked for a short while, agreeing to meet up in a couple days for a scheduled get together…Yes, I reassured her the twinnie would be coming along, too. Hanging up, I must tell you…My mind was whirling with this lucky charm business. How can a simple object be cause or reason for if things go well, or they don’t? Why do some people insist on carrying them around and like our friend R. just devasted when said lucky charm goes missing?
Well, that seems to be my question of the day for you kind readers. Who carries a lucky charm in their possession? Who thinks they are silly or is of the mindset…We make our own luck? Inquiring twinnies would love to hear your opinion! 🙂 🙂

I knew ~ by Autumn Sunshine

I knew at a glance

that I’d take a chance

for our first dance

the music was light

flowing through the night

you and I felt so right

So as it goes

the love does grow

and now we both know

that chances and dances

make for romances

ours is here to stay

what a lovely way

to say

I love you …

So a lesson learned

and pages turned

and for those who doubt

I say

take a look at us now …