The woodlands fairy ~ by Autumn Sunshine

She’s still a bit young

her  magic has just begun

so off she goes to learn

the hope just has to return

her wings are new and strong

she knows where she belongs

so through the meadow she will dance

and prance

the flowers whisper on a breeze

and tell her “smile, please”

she zips around

and hears the sound

of laughter good and fun

she leaps and runs

and flaps her wings

she has to sing

it’s all so nice

so once or twice

she sails above the ground

then she’s homeward bound

she takes a bow

she knows somehow

her audience of just a few

could see how much she flew

and knew

that as she learns, she grew

so along her way

she smiles and turns,

no time to stay

she waves goodbye and off she goes

she is the growing fairy of the woods, everyone  knows …


22 thoughts on “The woodlands fairy ~ by Autumn Sunshine

  1. Stop spying on me…I though no one was watching! LOL…I love this piece, It’s so dusty(ya know…fairy dusty)..thank you..Blessings for more wonder and beauty to come. -watw

  2. I walked into a store today and saw a card with the exact same picture that you have here and I thought how funny is it that I’m in a store that’s closing down and I notice a card with the exact same picture with the same fairy on it. I was instantly reminded of this poem. I thought to myself what are the chances of something like that happening? A gazillion to one. Life is indeed mysterious. Sharing the magic away 😉

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