Hello Kitty’s Secrets ~ by Gabby Angel

I am just playing devil’s advocate, this post is just for fun! These are my own ponderings, my somewhat wacky thoughts…In no way am I bashing Hello Kitty! 🙂 Actually I just simply love her, what girl of any age doesn’t? If any of you kind readers remember, I wrote about Hello Kitty on November 21, 2011. This is just kind of more follow up wonderings and also ponderings of that post, just for fun. 🙂 Something to think about is all.

I was surprised in writing about Hello Kitty being a twin, that so many people didn’t know  she was a twin! Mimi would take much offense…If she only knew, that is. Wonder if she gets told such things…Wonder if Kitty and Mimi are close buddies? You know, like Autumn and I are….That’s what the twinship is all about after all. You always have a best friend in each other, you know you are not alone!

Anyway…The question bothering me is this one. Just where would Hello Kitty be without Mimi? I am sure she is her biggest and best supporter. It bothers me so much sometimes…Maybe I should start a protest! 😉 Let the world know everything about Mimi! Let Kitty stand proudly beside her twin sister Mimi and be photographed! Wonder if I am the only one troubled or bothered? Well, besides Autumn,  that is. The twinnie agreed with me when I had a chat with her about this Hello Kitty and semi hidden twin sister Mimi business.

My other thought is that Mimi just might stand in many a time for Kitty? How would the world know, even the biggest Hello Kitty fans? Come on, we all know they are identical! All Mimi would have to do is change which side her bow is on! Perhaps this is why Mimi stays in the background…It is a big secret and she steps in for Kitty more times than the world knows! I just want to say directly to Kitty of course… come on Kitty get real, get honest and share with us!

That’s all, what do all of you kind readers think…Who wants Hello Kitty to bring Mimi out of seclusion? Who wants it to be” Hello Kitty and Hello Mimi” ? Wonder if it’s pushing my luck to have Kitty and Mimi sign notes to each other TF <3=Twins Forever? P.S. Autumn and I do for real, I am being serious on that one! 🙂 🙂


Love so Strong ~ by Autumn Sunshine

You told me, they can’t hurt me , it’s so

that though our love you know

they have gone,

so with each new dawn

I smile, a secret lurks

with a bit of mirth

because I know you’re right

our love has brought a new light

and an insight

My darling man

you can

make me feel

and seal

our pact

it’s a proven fact

love seals and heals

what a lovely deal

I know your love had changed me

and I now see

that anyone who wishes us harm

will be a bit alarmed

our love is strong

the danger is gone

and you and I belong

together, forever and always …