Today is a Holiday~ by Gabby Angel

Yes it is, I checked into it! January 11th is a holiday, of sorts anyway. The name of the holiday you ask? It’s “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day”! You never heard of it? Neither did I quite honestly, until I stumbled on bizzare holidays for every day of the month. Somebody was bound to have thought of such a fanciful idea like this! Of course you won’t find this holiday on your calendars, but let’s embrace it all the same, shall we? 🙂

This one struck me as quite amusing, so I just have to write my take on it. I know it is a bit weird, but humor me just a bit. It might be worth a laugh or possibly two, I hope. 😉 If any of you kind readers didn’t already realize… You just have to go with the flow on this blog, kind of always expect the unexpected.) 😉 We make our own fun and do cherish and simply love to laugh!

OK, stepping in puddles and splashing…What fun it was when we were kids. Just having a good old time, dancing through those puddles! Splashing in a puddle as an adult, still fun…For the young at heart anyway! Splashing your friend? Not too nice I would have to say right off hand. Unless your friend has a very good sense of humor and doesn’t mind such things, that is. The other drawback to this wacky holiday is…In some parts of the country puddles are frozen! I know they are here in Pennsylvania…So no splashing will be going on around here. Splashing in puddles in my youth, I did it all the time and so did Autumn. How many of you loved jumping in puddles and splashing like crazy when you were young? How many of you still love splashing and jumping in puddles? How many of you made someone a bit mad while jumping and splashing, and they maybe got wet? How many of you would care to tell us about it? I perhaps do ask a lot of questions, don’t I? I can’t help myself…It’s just all about the sharing! I still love to jump in puddles, and so does Autumn we freely admit it! 🙂 We will never grow up in certain areas of our lives it seems, which is probably a good thing I say! I think it’s really all about bringing out the inner child, what do you all think? Isn’t it rather fun to let that inner child loose?

I say yes, let’s all make it our goal to have that inner child just run wild for 2012, what does everyone think? Twinnie says she is going to give it a whirl…Didn’t everyone not already guess this? 😉 Come on, let us know…Are you with us? Remember…Inquiring twinnies just need to ask! 😉 🙂


Dancing through the snow ~ by Autumn Sunshine

We really do it all

I laugh and recall

Dancing through the snow

we just seem to show

and know

that we can dance anywhere

without a care

My darling man,

we really can

make the most of our love and life …

Twirl and swirl

and spin and dip

kiss me quick

my lips are getting cold

I know, some would think me bold

Only you do undertand

glad to say, my darling man

you are simply the best

let’s continue our dance, a silly fest

as we whirl and the snow falls

it seems to call our names

love in the snow

is the best I know

so let’s have another dance

we can take a chance

so let’s spin and win

and whirl and twirl

and dance through the snow …

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