What’s on your Refrigerator Door? ~ by Gabby Angel

OK, so it’s a rather unusual question! I agree, but these thoughts pop in my head…Like I always say, my mind is a mystery even to me. I just go with the thoughts and write, it needs to be done! 😉 That means more questions for you kind readers of course, hope nobody minds.

What is on your refrigerator door? If you all tell me, it would make my day and the twinnie’s, too. Autumn laughed at first about this particular subject, thinking I was kidding! Imagine, the twinnie thought I was joking around with her. When she finished laughing, she said…What a fun idea! Go figure, first she laughs, then she agrees…Was the twinnie humoring me? 😉 Of course not, Autumn never humors me, well very rarely. We’ll go with that…I digress so easily, don’t I?

I do believe it’s a twin thing…We are talking sometimes and nobody can keep track of our conversations. We skip around, finish each others sentences and it can be a real wild ride listening to us. Back to our refrigerator doors! I have such a variety of things, but it’s organized chaos.

The latest pictures the cute little nephews draw me, inspirational words and quotes. Angels, most are magnets and a few are pictures.One of the angels is the front of a card, that simply says Peace, very unusual. I have the cutest pictue I just found, clipped out of a newspaper. It’s a bunny and a deer touching foreheads surrounded by snow…It is adorable! I have a cross that says “I’m on a mission from God“, I have had that a long time. A lamenated picture of my Dad fishing, it was snapped by a photographer in the ’90’s. It was in the newspaper and I love it, Dad so loved his fishing.

Oh my goodness, that is quite the list! I swear it does not look overloaded, really it doesn’t. Besides that would be rather tacky. Anyway, somebody would have told me… My family and friends are not shy in the slightest!

What does Autumn have on her refrigerator door? Well, her list sounds rather tame and much smaller, but here goes! She has the same lamenated picture of our Dad, a large peace symbol, some very cool magnets of the sun, stars and moon. Oh yeah, a lovely picture of her and her darling man…quite tasteful. The latest little nephew drawings, of course and last but certainly not least a picture of Ozzie Osbourne, ask the twinnie about that one is all I have to say!

OK, now that I have told you all what is residing on the twinnies refrigerator doors, please share! What is on yours? We would love to hear…You do have something hanging on your refrigerator doors, right? Hmm…Well, maybe not! Either way, please do let us know. If you think us terribly tacky…Please say nothing! 😉 I am kidding, as always we twinnies will not be offended…Promise! Now share you kind readers, please share! 🙂 🙂


Pixie Magic ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Pixie dust and shiny wings

they do all sorts of magical things

they move so quick since they’re very small

they never fall

Living in the forest so grand

protecting all the land

flying all over with such a knack

to the edge of the forest and back

zipping around so fast

never a shadow is cast

loving the light

and everything bright

a pixie is free

to be

out of sight

of  humans sometimes

it’s what they choose

so no one can lose

they keep all things

and use their wings

to keep everyone safe and fine

while all stays in a beautiful rhyme

The pixies sing …
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Love keeps growing everyday ~ Autumn

We really show

how love can grow

for those who know

understand it, too

it’s very true

So I’m here to say

remember Everyday

that love sometimes needs help …

Don’t just blindly accept that all is fine

take the time

to make love last

look to the future not the past

hugs, kisses and smiles

together every mile

it helps to talk a lot

and laugh, that’s what sought

The music soars and with every note we hear

“Just be happy, never fear”

your path is good and true

that happens to just a few

that love is blessed

and we have guessed

That love really does grow every single day  …


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